The Best Blazor Component Libraries to Consider

Katie Mikova / Friday, March 15, 2024

Blazor is the hottest topic today for .NET developers looking to the web.  As the web development landscape continues to evolve, Microsoft's Blazor framework emerged as a game-changer in how developers create interactive web applications. Allowing developers to use the power of C# and .NET, they no longer need to rely on overly complex JavaScript to create stunning web experiences seamlessly integrating with the broader .NET ecosystem. However, the abundance of Blazor component libraries overfilling the market today can make it a bit challenging to select the right one.

That’s why I gathered the top 7 Blazor component libraries that match all this, empowering developers to create outstanding user interfaces while saving time and effort.

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Quick Overview of What’s a Blazor UI Library

We’ve already discussed Blazor in detail in the Blazor Server vs Blazor WebAssembly article, so here you will read the essence. A Blazor component library is a collection of pre-built, reusable components specifically designed for building client-side and server applications. These controls serve as the building blocks of your web app, encompassing various UI elements - from simple buttons and input fields to complex Blazor data grids, charts, and interactive widgets.

What Things Should a Top Blazor Library Provide

There are several factors and questions to consider in a Blazor component library:

  • Is it possible to customize and theme the components to align to the project's requirements?
  • Are there different styling options and color schemes that allow the components to blend with the application's look and feel?
  • What about accessibility and compliance?
  • Are there features and guidance to ensure that everyone, including people with disabilities can use apps built with the library?
  • Are controls in the library optimized for speed and efficiency?
  • Does it have comprehensive documentation covering component usage, customization options, demos, videos, etc.?
  • In terms of community and support, how strong and reliable are they? Are there different channels – Discord, GitHub, Chat, and other support channels?
  • When it comes to maintenance and updates, is the library regularly updated to address issues, bugs, and feature requests?
  • Does the library ensure its components work seamlessly across various browsers and platforms?
  • Can the library be easily integrated into their existing workflows and projects?
  • Finally, what is the cost and licensing model?

Which Is the Best Blazor Component Library?

The best Blazor component library goes beyond simply providing basic pre-built components. It should offer a holistic solution that addresses not only the components’ functionalities but also their usability, performance of grids and charts, documentation, support, and how they align with modern web development best practices.

The Best Blazor UI Libraries: Wrapping up the Top 7

The top 7 Blazor libraries that can become your shortcut to building modern apps.

Ignite UI For Blazor

Ignite UI for Blazor component library is designed for C# and .NET developers looking to build rich and responsive web apps. It packs 35+ native Blazor UI Controls with 60+ high-performance Charts designed for any app scenario. It ensures full support for Blazor Server, Blazor WebAssembly, and .NET 8. There is also virtualization on rows and columns, data-entry support, every UX interaction your customers expect, and much more.

The components it packs:

Data Grid, Tree Grid, Pivot Grid, Pie Chart, Financial Chart, Dock Manager, Tree Map, Stepper, Accordion, Expansion Panel, Tabs, Combo (Multi & Single Select), Dialog, Select, and a lot more.

The best things it offers/does:

  • Super fast Grid component that can handle multiple rows and columns of data.
  • Takes complex layouts and splits them into smaller, easier-to-manage panes with Dock Manager.
  • Highly customizable components, allowing you to adapt them to specific design and functionality requirements.
  • Provides access to custom templates and real-time data updates.
  • Simplified data entry and a faster way to bind to data with minimal code.
  • Enables you to build expressive dashboards and render millions of data points.
  • A rich chart component with every common category chart type, plus Google Finance and Yahoo Finance charts and more.
  • With rich documentation, demos, code examples, and Blazor app examples, you can use them right away.
  • 100% transparency on GitHub.

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Radzen Blazor

Radzen Blazor Component library is an open-source product and free for commercial use. It delivers simple input fields, basic form controls, more advanced Material-designed components like a feature-rich data grid. It also brings the necessary capabilities for building Dashboards and apps with similar functionalities.

The components it packs:

Data Grid, Scheduler, DropDown, Dialog, DatePicker, Chart, Layout, Splitter, Card, Tree, Themes, Typography, Icons, Accordion, Donut Chart, and others.

The best things it offers/does:

  • 24-hour dedicated customer support
  • Simplifies data binding by providing tools for connecting to data sources.
  • Developers can adjust component appearance, behavior, and logic.
  • It has 70+ free components, some of which can handle data-intensive scenarios.
  • There is Radzen Blazor Studio that lets users create Blazor pages with a WYSIWYG Blazor designer.
  • Provides built-in authentication and authorization features to help secure apps.


MudBlazor is an open-source component library for Blazor, allowing developers to create interactive web applications using C# and .NET.

The components it packs:

Buttons, Dialogs, Forms, Data Tables, Tabs, Chips, Popovers, Navigation Drawer and others.

The best things it offers/does:

  • Focusing on ease of use and clear structure.
  • Providing theming support.
  • More than 5000 stars on GitHub.
  • A highly customizable and modern design.


This is an open-source project developed by Megabit and it has a set of 80+ native Blazor UI components.

The components it packs:

Data Grid, Buttons, Inputs, Cards, Tables and others.

The best things it offers/does:

  • Support for multiple CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma, AntDesign, and Material.
  • Customizing your button and changing the colors, fonts, and styling is simple.
  • Robust data layer, fast data processing, client-side data validation in the Blazorise Data Grid.
  • An intuitive API for real-time updates, accessibility, theming, and custom templates.

Syncfusion Blazor

Syncfusion Blazor library delivers a collection of high-quality UI components and controls designed to assist developers in building modern, feature-rich, and responsive web applications using Blazor.

The components it packs:

Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Tree Grid, Button, Treemap, Scheduler, Date Picker, Range Selector, Charts, Chips, Checkbox, Color Picker, and more.

The best things it offers/does:

  • Allows you to add robust PDF functionalities to any Blazor application
  • An abundance of responsive and lightweight controls - offers 80+ UI and Data Viz web components.
  • Razor Class Library (RCL) can be used to share components across various projects and Blazor apps.
  • Different license options.

DevExpress Blazor

DevExpress Blazor offers a wide range of components and features for building build modern and interactive web applications. Users can easily develop high-impact UX for both Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly using C#.

The components it packs:

Data Grid, Charts, Button, Form Layout, Grid / Stack Layout, Multi-Purpose Pager, Popup Window & Flyout, Tabs / Tab Control, Menu & DropDown and more.

The best things it offers/does:

  • A fast Data Grid, Listview, Input and other native Blazor components for server and client-side apps.
  • You can easily implement Master-Detail screens, data aggregation, and other similar things.
  • A lot of options for visualizing and analyzing data.
  • High-performance data loading and ability to bind to Remote Data / Async Data Processing.
  • Master-Detail data presentation.
  • Blazor RTF Editor, enabling users to integrate advanced text editing capabilities.

Telerik UI for Blazor

With the native Blazor UI Components by Telerik, Blazor programmers can create new apps and modernize legacy web projects using high-performing Grid and 110+ native and customizable controls and widgets.

The components it packs:

ListView, Pager, Pivot Grid, Grid, Filter, Gantt, Calendar, Scheduler, AutoComplete, ComboBox, DatePicker, ColorPalette, DropDownList, Slider, Dialogue, and a lot more.

The best things it offers/does:

  • A wide variety of components and features for different Blazor app scenarios.
  • They combine the components with front-end documentation and tools into a Design System Kit.
  • Flexible packaging to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Great customer support from the Telerik team.
  • Professionally designed themes.
  • Large and active community.


In conclusion, what does the best Blazor component library bring to development teams? Starting with reusability, one such UI library must enable the reuse of components. Instead of starting from scratch each time, developers can effortlessly employ pre-built components across multiple projects to save time and resources. Another key thing is scalability. As your application becomes increasingly intricate, you can seamlessly incorporate new components into the library without disrupting existing functionality and logic. Then, there are the customization options. Given the diversity of projects, the ability to fine-tune elements like themes and styles is incremental for building a unique application while ensuring top-notch UX.

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