Product Release - What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 22.2

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Thursday, November 3, 2022

I am excited to announce Infragistics Ultimate 22.2 is available for download. This is a big release, with new features and UI controls, more capabilities in App Builder, new Web Components code-generation in App Builder, better design and development collaboration with Figma UI Kits & code generation, plus fast, streamlined, and interactive data visualization updates.

Ultimate 22.2 builds on three key themes:

  • Blazor: New Grids for All Data Scenarios
  • App Builder: Charts, Grid CRUD, Open API & Column Configurations
  • Web Components: New Grids, New Components, plus App Builder Code Generation

Grids are the backbone of every application and with Ultimate 22.2 we don’t disappoint. Whether you are looking for a framework agnostic approach with Web Components, or you are a .NET developer moving to Blazor, we deliver everything for you in 22.2. Couple with expanded capabilities in App Builder, your entire app building process is dramatically simplified with this release.

Let’s look at each area in more detail.

Blazor: New Grids for All Data Scenarios!

.NET developers will absolutely love the new Blazor grids! This release includes a full suite of modern grids with the most features and best performance of any Blazor Grid on the market. 22.2 adds four new brand-new grids:

  • Flat Grid
  • Tree Grid
  • Hierarchical Grid (Coming in late November 2022 with your Ultimate Subscription)
  • Pivot Grid (Coming in late November 2022 with your Ultimate Subscription)

These are hands-down the fastest data grids on the market today for Blazor developers. With virtualization on rows and columns, data-entry support, every UX interaction that your customers expect like Outlook Group By, Sorting, Column Pinning, Column Moving, Multi-Level Layouts, Master-Detail views, Hierarchical Views and more, plus full theming and branding capabilities, the new Ignite UI Blazor grids will put your app above all others.

Watch this video to get a tour of the new Blazor features in the 22.2 release.