WPF 3D Surface Chart for your scatter data

Kiril Matev / Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As part of the Infragistics WPF product, we already offer a substantial array of data visualization controls such as a high-speed chart, map, pivot grid, timeline, treemap and others. These have been applied to numerous applications displaying financial, geographical and OLAP data to produce interactive dashboards and rich data displays.

For quite a while, there was a freely available prototype on this blog post, but it was limited in functionality, lacked documentation, samples and was not supported. Many of you expressed a desire to use it even as-is to visualize your 3D data.

Based on your valuable feedback, we've now added a surface chart for visualizing three dimensional data to which is now available for download as part of the Infragistics WPF 16.1 release. The XamScatterSurface3D chart contains all the features and performance you need to start visualizing your 3D data today. In addition to this, it's documented and officially supported as part of the product.

Here’s a screenshot of the 3D surface chart:



A detailed listing of the rich functionality of the scatter chart is available here


The API of this control has been designed for simplicity while implementing a wide range of features. You can see the documentation here.


The control is available as part of the Infragistics WPF product and is fully documented, contains samples in the WPF samples browser that's a part of the product download, and is fully serviced and supported in accordance with our support policy. 


This blogpost presented the newly added XamScatterSurface3D, which has a number of features to enable you to effectively visualize your three-dimensional scatter data.

I would recommend downloading the latest Infragistics WPF release, and demonstrating its capabilities to your users – they’ll be sure to think of data they’d like to have visualized using a surface chart, and you’ll be able to use this control to meet this requirement and add value to your application.

This advanced surface chart control is now a part of the Infragistics WPF product, and is fully documented and supported, and you can use it confidently to better visualize data and delight your users.