Ultimate UI for WPF

Build Beautiful, Modern WPF Business Applications

Create high-performance, Microsoft® Office-inspired apps for desktop and touch devices with Ultimate UI for WPF. A complete library of 100+ WPF controls, including lightning-fast grids and charts, and dynamic data visualizations. All .NET 8 compatible.

Outlook-inspired email application showing inbox built with WPF developer tools.

The Fastest WPF Data Grid

Our WPF data grid provides high-performance and versatility, supporting complex data entry scenarios and custom layouts, with the ability to quickly configure and bind data directly from XAML – with no code required! Features include:

  • Hierarchical WPF Data Grid
  • Asynchronous Paging Data Sort
  • Excel-like Behaviors
  • Sorting & Grouping
  • Enhanced Filtering
  • Fixed Headers
  • Pinned Rows
  • Moveable Columns
  • Complete Stability
  • Real-time Highlighting
  • Excel Export
  • Calculation Manager Support
  • External Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Filtering 
  • Aggregation
  • Cell Merging
  • Data Grid Configurator
  • Visual Configuration

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Stories That Truly Matter

More than two million developers use Infragistics UX and UI toolkits to support and accelerate their application development.

Intuit, Exxon, and Morgan Stanley group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Pedrello, PTV Group and Ikea group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Super Stream, Pasona Tech and Battelle group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Blue Yonder group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls

Infragistics helps us to move faster and accelerate our app building. Their controls are user-friendly and more intuitive, and they help us deliver a great user experience.

Vikas Desai, Global Technology Executive at Baker Hughes
Bently Nevada logo

Bently Nevada

Learn how Bently Nevada uses Ultimate UI for WPF to build apps faster and offer more intuitive controls to their customers.Read More

The Fastest WPF Charts

Build feature-rich WPF charts with less coding. Fulfill your fintech and business needs, and render more than 60+ high-fidelity WPF charts including financial, data, category, sparkline and more.

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Bar Chart featuring crosshair lines showing high and low values by month using Ultimate UI for WPF controls.

A WPF Chart for Every Occasion

Your WPF charts shouldn’t just be fast; they should be all-encompassing. With every common chart type – bar chart, line chart, pie chart, area chart, and more – Ultimate UI for WPF enables you can visualize your data the way you prefer. Features include:

  • Easy Data Binding
  • Intelligence & Style by Default
  • Callouts Layer
  • Crosshair Lines
  • Crosshairs Annotation
  • Final Values Annotation
  • Category Highlight Layer
  • Item Highlight Layer
  • Category Tooltip Layer
  • Item Tooltip Layer
  • Category Chart Configurator
  • Visual Configuration
  • Easy Property Editing

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WPF Controls to Jumpstart Your Next Project

60+ full-featured, easy-to-use WPF controls give you the power to create engaging modern and Microsoft Office-inspired apps for desktop and touch devices.

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Get started on your next great WPF project.

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IG Outlook App

The IG Outlook WPF sample application provides guidance on how to build a Microsoft Outlook-inspired application using Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices Prism library.

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Finance App

The Finance Dashboard is an interactive application demonstrating the capabilities of Infragistics WPF Data Chart and Tree Map controls applied to the Financial Services industry.

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IG Word App

The IG Word sample application provides users with a familiar Microsoft Word-inspired user interface with visuals and styles inspired by MS Office software, and patterns and practices from the Microsoft Prism library.

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Leverage these helpful resources to learn how to build better desktop apps, faster.

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  • Create Excel Charts in WPF Learn how to dynamically create Excel charts in C# using the xamSpreadsheet control in a WPF .NET Core application. Learn More
  • Test Automation for Micro Focus UFTAutomate testing of your user interface and allow full regression testing of applications developed using Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF. Learn More
  • Learning Series: WPF Perfomance Tips, Screenshot of financial expense bar chart and spreadsheet.
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  • Cashflow application on Dell laptop with zoomed in overlays of testing UI for Test Automation for WPF

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Everything you need to get started with your next WPF project!

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Lightning-fast, touch-friendly UI controls. Includes data grids, trees, editors, Office ribbon, and Outlook®-style scheduling. Includes access to source code

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  • Everything in Ignite UI
  • Comprehensive UI component library for web, mobile and desktop developers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers for Ultimate UI for WPF

Why should I choose Ultimate UI for WPF Controls?

Ultimate UI for WPF is a complete library of WPF user interface (UI) controls for building modern Microsoft-Office-inspired desktop applications, including 50+ data charts, grids, and components.

What makes Ultimate UI for WPF Controls better than other desktop UI toolkits?

Ultimate UI for WPF is the most complete library of enterprise-grade, Microsoft Office-inspired desktop UI controls available. Backed by Infragistics 30+ years of industry leadership and our award-winning live support, Ultimate UI for WPF provides you with everything you need to build modern, Microsoft Office-inspired desktop applications.

What is the pricing and licensing for Ultimate UI for WPF Controls?

Ultimate UI for WPF is licensed via a subscription model. A single developer license starts at $1,195 USD for a one-year subscription, including one year of standard support and updates. We also offer discounts for multi-year licenses. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information on pricing.

How do I get started with Ultimate UI for WPF Controls?

The best place to get started would be the documentation and getting started materials for each of our toolsets.

Where can I find WPF samples and sample applications?

The team at Infragistics maintains a comprehensive library of WPF code samples which you can access here. We also maintain a library of WPF sample applications, which you can access here.

Is Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF compatible with .NET 8?

As of the Infragistics Ultimate 22.2 release, all our components and solutions are all now .NET 8 compatible.