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Build Apps Blazing Fast from Design to Code

Creating beautiful, rich, and interactive screens is hard. Pulling it all together in an application is harder. With the new Indigo.Design App Builder from Infragistics, you get the full power of modern app building in a WYSIWYG drag & drop IDE in the browser!

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Indigo.Design App Builder From Design to Code with One Click

The Indigo.Design App Builder Public Preview is here! A cloud-based tool enabling developers and designers to go from design to code in one click, Indigo.Design App Builder is the newest member of the Indigo.Design product family. 

Embedded Analytics: 5 Steps to App Modernization

Embedded analytics help companies add value to your applications and enabling real-time reporting, interactive data visualization and advanced analytics— quicker than building them yourself. Make complex information comprehensible by presenting it visually, giving users insights to help them drive smarter, faster decisions.  

Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing Data

Marketing departments are spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on advertising, and allocating resources to Search Engine Optimization. Join us for this webinar to help you understand how you can unlock the full potential of your marketing data.

Ignite UI for Blazor: Build Beautiful Apps Fast with C# and Blazor!

Don't miss this first-look at our first official Blazor release! Join us and learn how you can deliver better, high-performance, feature-rich Blazor applications, faster.

Win More Customers with Embedded Analytics

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can provide superior customer experiences with embedded analytics with 7 easy steps.  

Advanced Analytics: Statistical Functions and Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics are some of the biggest buzz words in the business intelligence space. Using the power of the cloud to deliver meaningful analytics and dashboards to your users is becoming business critical. However, one of the biggest challenges is how you can integrate these market trends into your business process.