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App Builder Charting & Data Visualisations – Best Practices + Customisations for Angular, Blazor, & React! - Australasia

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9 Must-Have Features for Your Next Embed Project

In this webinar we’ll be showing you what the 9 must-have features for your next embed project are, how they benefit your organization, and a first-hand demo of these features in action.

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App Builder Charting & Data Visualisations – Best Practices + Customisations for Angular, Blazor, & React! - Australasia

In this session, we will look at the beautiful styles and interactions, backed by a rich API that delivers the best data & analytics visualisations and charts for Angular, Blazor, and React.

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EF Core Power Tools: Build .NET Core CRUD Apps With SQL Server + Visual Studio in Minutes Not Days

Register for this webinar to see how to build CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) apps with SQL Server, Visual Studio, and EF Power Tools step-by-step.

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Crash Course to Google Ads Management

Google Ads is one of the most popular online advertising platforms that marketers are using today. The possibilities all the different campaigns provide your business and the various tactics you can run in Google Ads are endless.

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Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges Through Embedded Analytics

Join us for this industry-targeted webinar and discover how predictive and actionable analytics are changing the landscape in healthcare through improving patient care quality, operational efficiency, cost-savings, and reducing human errors.  

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How to Grow Your Business and Increase Profits with Embedded Analytics

Join us as we share how embedded analytics can transform your organization through in-context analytics for enhanced efficiency, intelligent business decisions, increased profits, and more!  

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Building Data Bound Applications in App Builder - Australasia

In our next session, will show you how you can quickly and easily bind data from your Web API’s to UI controls in App Builder, and how to add the necessary code in Angular and Blazor applications for common master-detail scenarios.

What’s New in Infragistics Ultimate 21.2

In this webinar you’ll learn about the new features, controls & components in every platform, plus major enhancements to App Builder.

Connecting to Real Data in App Builder

Building prototypes is the only choice for getting feedback from stakeholders and customers when building an app, ensuring you are designing the “right UX” before writing code. To take your prototypes and proof of concepts to the next level, include real, live data as you design and build.

Integrating Indigo.Design App Builder With GitHub

With the latest release of Indigo.Design App Builder came the highly requested of GitHub integration. No need to manually manage local files, download zips or lose track of design changes in your source control system.

Go From Design to Code in Seconds

Indigo.Design App Builder has revolutionized the app making process by simplifying the way digital product teams – product managers, designers, and developers - work together. See how you can accelerate your time to market with an end-to-end design-to-code system that brings your team together in a single working environment.

Accelerate App Building With Pre-built Layouts

We are excited to be introducing our new series Digital Development & Design Accelerators! This will be a recurring, interactive online session in which we will provide you with a live demo, highlight key features and discuss how Indigo.Design App Builder can help you builder complete business apps up to 80% faster.