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What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 18.1

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SharePoint Unchained

In this three-part, on-demand series, you’ll learn how to increase adoption of SharePoint in your organization and how to unchain SharePoint by making it truly mobile.

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What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 18.1

Join Jason Beres, Senior Vice President of Developer Tools, as he walks through the release of Infragistics Ultimate UI 18.1.

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Introduction to XAML (WPF) & Data Binding for Modernizing Desktop Applications

Have you tried utilizing XAML or WPF for your desktop apps? Have you ever thought of the benefits these UI controls could have for your app development?

Introduction to Angular for ASP.NET Web Forms Developers

Angular is getting popular, but does it matter to you or your business? If you have been working with ASP.NET Web Forms, shouldn’t it fulfill your needs?

What’s New in  Infragistics Ultimate 17.2

Infragistics Ultimate UI 17.2 is here, and it's loaded with productivity tools and fast-performing UI controls for quickly building web, desktop, and mobile apps.

How to Create Your First Angular 4 Application

A powerful framework for both mobile and desktop development, Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks out there. It can be used to create single-page web applications or hybrid mobile applications. In this webinar, Infragistics Developer Evangelist, Dhananjay Kumar, will show you how, using Ignite UI for JavaScript Angular components.

Less Coding and More Insights with Unmoderated Usability Testing

Imagine you design chairs for a living. When you’ve designed the "perfect chair,” how long are you going to wait before you actually sit in it to see if it’s comfortable? Not very long, right? The same goes for application development.  UI prototypes can help teams get on the same page and find UX problems early. You might think your UI is well-designed, but the real test comes when your target users try out your product. The last thing you want is rounds of code rewriting due to design flaws. But how do you find the flaws early enough to avoid the rewriting? That’s where usability testing comes in.