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Ultimate UI Controls for Xamarin

  • Fast page layout with drag & dropAutomatically generate all views, view models, and navigation codeGenerate a well-architected MVVM application based on PrismLearn More

    Xamarin App Map
  • Fast page design with drag & dropIncludes Infragistics and native Xamarin.Forms controlsExtended XAML outputLearn More

    Xamarin Toolbox
  • Visually configure grids, charts, and other rich controlsBind data with easeGenerate code with the click of a buttonLearn More

    Xamarin Configurators
  • Display large data sets with this high-performing grid controlSort, filter, and select dataSupports responsive layout designLearn More

    Xamarin Data Grid
  • Render large sets of data with the best-performing data chartsIncludes Area, Bar, Financial, Sparkline and many other business chartsHighlight trends with interactive series chartsLearn More

    Xamarin Chart
  • Xamarin Reference Application

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    Xamarin Reference Application

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Step-by-step how-to guides and video tutorials help you write fast and run fast

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Includes the exclusive Xamarin Productivity Pack of templates, control configurators, extensive documentation, and more. Streamline your coding so you can focus on innovating and solving your users’ business problems, instead of boring, repetitive setup tasks.

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Your users demand fast performance for their line-of-business applications. Ultimate UI for Xamarin has the fastest Xamarin controls available, powering rapid data visualization and delivering powerful performance with even the largest real-time streaming datasets.

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Everything You Need to Optimize User Experience (UX) from Design to Code

We all know how important UX is and the best way to get to a great experience is through iterative and collaborative feedback from users and the team. But the pressures of backlog and timelines get in the way. And it is hard to get pixel perfect from design to code.

Now with Indigo.Design included in Infragistics Ultimate you can go from design to code in minutes. Giving you more time to put in the craftmanship to build the best experiences your customers will love.

Indigo.Design dashboards for design to code process from design systems to user testing and code generation.

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Includes controls for fast, cross-platform mobile apps and the exclusive Productivity Pack of templates, control configurators, AppMap, and more.

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Infragistics Ultimate Developer Toolkit

UI frameworks, controls, and productivity tools for building high-performing web, mobile, and desktop apps.
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