A Unified Platform for Visual Design, UX Prototyping, Code Generation, and App Development

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Indigo.Design System

1 Indigo Design System
  • Design in Sketch Using Ignite UI for Angular

    50+ UI components in Sketch map to our Ignite UI for Angular UI toolset. Designs created using these components will generate HTML, CSS & Angular code.

Prototyping & User Videos

2 Prototyping & User Videos
  • Create Prototypes in the Cloud

    Import your Sketch documents or images and then add interactions and transitions to show user flows. Share your prototype with others and view on any device.

Code assets for Angularm

3 Code assets for Angular
  • Generate Code for Assets for Angular Apps

    With our plugin for Visual Studio Code, you can access your team’s prototypes stored on Indigo.Design. Simply select the parts of the screen you want the code for, and we’ll generate clean Angular HTML, CSS & TypeScript directly to your project!

Product roadmap

Indigo.Design is a design system that brings together design with development, driving productivity across the personas that make up teams charged with delivering amazing experiences to customers.

It is comprised of four parts:

  • Sketch UI Kits in the form of Sketch Libraries that include components, patterns, and apps;
  • Indigo.Design cloud services for image-based prototyping, collaboration with stakeholders, and unmoderated usability studies;
  • Visual Studio Code Extension that generates Angular code;
  • Ignite UI for Angular UI components & controls for high-performance, touch-first mobile, and desktop web apps.

Each piece has its own roadmap, based on a couple factors:

  • How we deliver value across the tool chain to drive collaboration & productivity for teams
  • How we deliver best-of-breed capabilities for each target persona’s tool of choice

For the remainder of 2018, we have aggressive goals for each tool in the tool-chain tailored to the Visual Designer, UX Designer, and Developer. Look for the detailed version of our roadmap coming soon.

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