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Indigo.Design System

1 Indigo Design System
  • Design in Sketch Using Ignite UI for Angular

    50+ UI components in Sketch map to our Ignite UI for Angular UI toolset. Designs created using these components will generate HTML, CSS & Angular code.

Prototyping & User Studies

2 Prototyping & User Studies
  • Create Prototypes in the Cloud

    Import your Sketch documents or images and then add interactions and transitions to show user flows. Share your prototype with others and view on any device.

Code assets for Angular

3 Code assets for Angular
  • Generate Code Assets for Angular Apps

    With our plugin for Visual Studio Code, you can access your team’s prototypes stored on Indigo.Design. Simply select the parts of the screen you want the code for, and we’ll generate clean Angular HTML, CSS & TypeScript directly to your project!

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Don't stop with prototypes; get it in the hands of real users with our 1-click sharing and the ability to view prototypes on any device. Harness the power of Indigo.Design Cloud for recording user sessions and task analytics.

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Learning library

General Overview of Indigo.Design System  

Indigo.Design Tour

Install Sketch UI Kits 

Installing the Sketch UI Kits

Using Sketch to build your first artboard  

Building Your First Artboard in Sketch

Aligning and sizing the artboard for code generation  

Alignment & Sizing Artboards for Code Generation

How to get started with Prototyping in Indigo.Design  

Getting Started with Prototyping

Generate Code within Visual Studio Code  

Code Generation in Visual Studio Code

Angular Reference App

Looking for a UX
prototyping solution?

Check out Indigo.Design desktop app for creating prototypes with rich interactivity and custom transitions whether offline or online.

And to get feedback, simply publish to the cloud for commenting, collaboration and usability analytics with video.

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