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Secure, on-premises prototyping, collaboration, and usability testing with video replays.
Includes one server.

  • Quick and easy setup - start prototyping in minutes
  • Unlimited workspaces and usability tests with video recordings - all hosted on your organization’s secure, private Indigo.Design Server
  • LDAP-based administration for seamless network user and security policy integration
  • Locked-down Indigo.Design On-Prem prevents users from sharing prototypes outside your network
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Get a free demo or talk to one of our Indigo.Design On-Prem experts.

With Indigo.Design On-Prem, your developers, designers and business stakeholders work together to create and test fully functional no-code prototypes to ensure your team will deliver a product that users will love—quickly, accurately, and without time and money-wasting rework at the end.

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