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Design and Build Web Apps With React Components

Craft modern web app experiences using the most comprehensive UI library of modular React Components. Includes the blazing fast, virtualized React Data Grid, a complete Microsoft Excel solution, and 60+ React charts and graphs.

Ignite UI React Data Grid, built using Ignite UI for React components, showing a visualization of sales data.
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Fast and Out-of-the-Box React Data Grid

With our React Data Grid you can load large amounts of data, while providing mobile-first design, versatility and ultimate performance on any modern browser. A full featured React component with the customization and configuration your users expect. Includes Data Binding, Sorting, Grouping, Editing, seamless Excel-like functionality, and more. All with an intuitive API, flexible theming, branding, and minimal code to get started!

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Ignite UI's strength in Excel is truly top-notch... Having features ready for LOB apps and high-quality technical support helped our development.

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To continue providing customers with cutting-edge technological features, B-EN-G set out to meet the needs of customers wishing to connect to a new range of devices that make up the Internet of Things (IOT). Read More

Ignite UI for React Charts – Responsive, Mobile & Touch-Enabled

Build expressive dashboards, apply deep analytics, and render millions of data points in a click. With 60+ real-time React charts and graphs, easier configuration and flexible API. The high-performance React chart component lets you craft business charting and stock charting, delivering rich interactivity and full touch-screen support that will run on any browser and device.

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A React Chart for Every Occasion

Your React charts shouldn't just be fast. They should include features that your users need and that make the app experience unparalleled. The Ignite UI for React Chart Component provides over 60 chart types, among which are the most asked for bar charts, line charts, pie charts, financial stock charts to visualize data the way you prefer. With integrated support for interactivity, customizable layers, Price Overlays, Trendlines, Volume Indicators, Value Overlays and more.

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React UI Components To Ignite Your Next Project

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Inspiration Is Everywhere

Jumpstart your next great project with our sample applications and React examples. You don't have to experience a designer-developer block. The goal of our end-to-end demo applications is to help you simplify the development process by learning best-practices and useful approaches to solving real-world problems.

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React Live Data Grid

The React Live-Data Grid app demonstrates our React Data Grid, binding thousands of financial records, grouping them by Category, Type, Contact, and live-updating every few milliseconds.

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React Stock Chart App

The React Stock Chart demonstrates how to use Financial Chart component with our FDC3 Data Adapter to handle ViewChart intent messages sent via OpenFin FDC3 service.

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Leverage these helpful resources to learn how to build better React apps, faster.

  • Getting Started with Ignite UI for React Get started with your next project faster or update your existing application using Ignite UI for React. Just follow these simple steps. Learn More
  • Ignite UI CLI for React Our CLI tools provide project templates pre-configured for the Ignite UI for React toolset that help you get your next application off the ground in record time. Learn More
  • UI Toolkit Standardization Leveraging a standard UI toolkit can help reduce project development and testing time by 33%. Read this whitepaper and learn how your organization can reduce time-to-market and development costs. Learn More
  • Ignite UI CLI
  • Ignite UI CLI for React
  • Ignite UI Toolkit Standardization

Help and Samples

Need to look at React components examples or try hands-on in a live playground, while creating mission-critical apps? Want to see how to develop blueprints, plot diagrams, highlighting regions and more with an array of shapes, using Ignite UI components for React Shape Charts? Here’s everything you need to get started with your next React project!

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Explore our pricing bundles crafted to fit your needs, providing comprehensive solutions for every project size. With user experience 'built-in' to every control and our commitment to a continuous release schedule, you're guaranteed the fastest updates across all major frameworks, ensuring your applications stay cutting-edge.

Good Value

  • 100s of UI controls and components for every major web framework
  • Fastest way to build modern web apps
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  • Everything in Ignite UI
  • Comprehensive UI component library for web, mobile and desktop developers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers for Ignite UI for React

What is Ignite UI for React?

Ignite UI for React is a complete library of React components for building data-rich and responsive web apps, including 60+ data charts and graphs, data grids and tables, and user interface (UI) components.

What is Ignite UI CLI for React?

The Ignite UI CLI represents a stand-alone command-line tool that helps you build and scaffold applications for numerous frameworks. The CLI tools provide a variety of templates for your project which are pre-configured for the Ignite UI for React toolset. You can also add your own templates to the CLI to accelerate adding components to your projects.

What are React components?

A React component is a class that contains a reusable function which returns a template that includes a piece of user interface represented by HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Examples of React components include complex UI controls like Data Charts or Data Grids, or simple elements like DIV’s with HTML elements.

How to organize React components?

React does not have specific requirements and ways as to where your components should go or how they should be organized. This is up to developers working on the project. Here are several approaches:
  • Organizing components by Type - Similar elements are systematized in the same place. React components live in a components folder. Styles, in a styles folder. And so on.
  • Organizing components by Similarity - This type of organizing React components ensures that everything a component needs remains as close to the component as possible.
  • Organizing components by Functional Area – Placing components by app function, like “Customer” would have all related Customer components for Customer screens/functionality.

How to test React components?

The way in which testing React components is possible to be done falls into two general categories:

  • Rendering component trees – where a hierarchical tree of React components describes the user interface and encapsulates every aspect of the application that a user sees and interacts with in their browser.
  • Running a complete app – this happens in a realistic browser environment. This process is referred to as “end-to-end” tests.

What is the difference between React functional components and class components?

  • Functional components in React are simply JavaScript functions. There is no render method used here. Functional components work by accepting properties (props) as an argument and then return a React element.
  • Class Components represent simple classes, consisting of functions which add functionality to your app. It requires render() method to be implanted here.

What makes Ignite UI for React different from other UI toolkits?

Ignite UI for React is the most complete library of enterprise-grade, React UI components available. Professionally designed and developed, Ignite UI for React provides you with everything you need to build modern, progressive web apps. All backed by Infragistics 30+ years of industry leadership and our award-winning live support.

How does the pricing and licensing for Ignite UI for React work?

Our React components are included as a part of our Ignite UI bundle. A single developer license starts at $1,295 USD for a one-year subscription, including one year of standard support and updates. We also offer discounts for multi-year licenses. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information on pricing.

How do I get started with Ignite UI for React?

The best place to begin is with our Getting Started Documentation.

Where can I find React component samples and sample applications?

The team at Infragistics maintains a comprehensive library of React code samples which you can access here. We also maintain a library of sample applications, which you can access here.