React Icon Button Overview

    The Ignite UI for React Icon Button component allows developers to use registered icons as buttons in their application. It carries all features of the icon component but adds features from the button component as well.

    React Icon Button Example


    First, you need to the install the corresponding Ignite UI for React npm package by running the following command:

    npm install igniteui-react

    You will then need to import the IgrIconButton, its necessary CSS, and register its module, like so:

    import { IgrIconButtonModule, IgrIconButton } from 'igniteui-react';
    import 'igniteui-webcomponents/themes/light/bootstrap.css';
    <IgrIconButton name="thumb-up" collection="material"></IgrIconButton>



    Similar to the regular button components, the icon button supports several variants - flat (default), contained, and outlined; To change the icon button type set the variant attribute of the icon button.

    <IgrIconButton name="search" collection="contained"></IgrIconButton>


    The size of the button can be changed by utilizing the --ig-size CSS variable to any of the three supported sizes: --ig-size-small, --ig-size-medium, --ig-size-large(default).

    <IgrIconButton name="thumb-up" size="medium"></IgrIconButton>
    igc-icon-button {
        --ig-size: var(--ig-size-medium);


    The icon button component will change its internal structure from <button> to an <a> type element when the href attribute is set. In that case the icon button can be thought of as a regular link. Setting the href attribute will allow you to also set the rel, target, and download attributes of the icon button.

    <IgrIconButton name="thumb-up" collection="material" href="" target="_blank">


    Some icons need to look a little different when used in Right-to-Left(RTL) mode. For that reason we provide a mirrored attribute that, when set, flips the icon button horizontally.

    <IgrIconButton name="thumb-up" mirrored="true"></IgrIconButton>


    The icon button component exposes two CSS parts - base and icon that allow you to style the wrapping element (<button> or <a>) and the wrapped <igc-icon> element;

    igc-icon-button::part(base) {
      padding: 12px;
      color: olive;
    igc-icon-button::part(icon) {
      --size: 32px;

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