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App Builder is a brand-new cloud-based WYSIWYG drag & drop tool that eliminates the complexity of user interface design and development so you can build business apps faster than ever before. Start your app from scratch or choose from a library of pre-built app templates or responsive screen layouts and then customize with a toolbox of 60+ UI controls to kick-start your next digital product design!

Accelerate the Way You Design, Test, and Build Apps

With the new App Builder, team productivity changes forever! Backed by a complete design system, compatible with Sketch, Adobe XD and other major design tools that map to real, usable components, endless theming options and standards-based code output, there is no limit to what you can build with App Builder.

Build Apps up to 10x Faster

With App Builder, your team gets a single working environment. Managers, designers, and developers are not forced to use multiple tools to manage the single source of truth during the design process. Eliminating silos and reducing friction, miscommunication and expensive errors that usually occur in handoffs.

Accelerate App Delivery

Complete Templates & Starter Layouts

Hit the ground running with one of our pre-built app templates or use one of our preset layout options to build your app in no time. Allowing mangers to quickly sketch ideas in a common program early on to give guidance on app direction. Just tweak our design, swap a theme and you are done!

Complete Templates and Starter Layouts

100% Cloud-based WYSIWYG

Design and complete business apps faster than ever before with a cloud-based drag & drop tool. Compatible with popular design tools like Sketch and Adobe XD, there is no need to download anything, no heavy IDEs, and no 3rd party dependencies to build apps blazing fast.

100% Cloud-Based WYSIWYG

Instant Real-time Preview

Preview and see your application’s source code in real-time while you are building it. Then, when you are ready, quickly and easily generate production ready code and upload it to a GitHub repository or run it in Visual Studio Code or your favorite IDE. Feel the interactions, see how it looks, and experience your app as your customers will- instantly.

Instant Real-Time Preview

Features That Both Designers and Developers Will Love

App Builder featuring code preview and Visual Studio code

Get Production Ready Code

Everything you design results in production ready HTML, TypeScript & CSS for Angular (with React, Web Components, Blazor coming soon!). You can see it in real-time as you create, or download a complete zip file of the app.

App Builder featuring rich layout system

Eliminate the Boring Tasks

Focus on what is important, not the boring, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. With a rich layout system and complete toolbox of components, create screens and full apps in minutes instead of hours!

App Builder featuring themes and styling

Limitless Themes and Styling

Use pre-built themes and typography (Material, Bootstrap & Fluent) or customize to match your own app theme and corporate branding on a per-control, per-screen, or per-app basis.

App Builder featuring the ability to import Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma designs

Import Sketch and Adobe XD Designs

With one click, take your static designs and get interactive, responsive apps with real UI components and styling. Import designs from the design system into a real, component-based app. Figma import coming soon!

App Builder illustration showing connect to REST data source

Bind To Real Data

You don’t have to settle for building apps that have empty data grids or input screens – connect to any REST data source and light up your app design with data that matters, all the way through to code generation!

App Builder featuring the ability to iterate on your app design before code

Complete Iterative Design

Use the power of the App Builder digital product design platform in your design process to iterate on your app design before you write any code - with prototyping, team collaboration, user testing, analytics and more … Get to pixel-perfect before you write any code!

See What's Coming Soon!

Read Our Roadmap Blog
Developer character holding a roadmap sign for App Builder

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Jumpstart your next project using these sample applications. Created using App Builder, these samples are free to use and include the Sketch UI Kits and Angular Code. Just download and make them your own.

App showing contact list and form for adding people using App Builder System components

People App

People App is an example of a typical Master-Detail app demonstrating a list, details and editing features.

Learn More
App Dashboard showing team tasks through Angular components via App Builder

Task Management

The Task Management app showcases a Kanban board with tasks organized into groups according to their status: To Do, In Development, Validation and Done.

Learn More
Team Collaboration app showcases tasks and dashboards

Team Collaboration

The Team Collaboration app showcases two main modules – a layout with tasks and a collection of dashboards.

Learn More

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 Get Started with App Builder

Get Started With App Builder

 create app layouts

Create App Layouts

 Using App Builder components

Using App Builder Components

 Customize App Builder app themes

Customize App Themes

 Add Interaction to Components

Add Interactions to Components

 Preview and Generate App Code

Preview and Generate App Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers for Indigo Design

What is App Builder?

App Builder is a web-based WYSIWYG tool that helps you rapidly create screens or entire applications by dragging UI controls onto a design surface to create the UX of your application. App Builder includes typical app building features like data binding and theming, but also unique design features like support for importing designs from tools like Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma so you can use your existing designs to build apps. No matter what you design, you are guaranteed pixel-perfect design to code output in the Angular framework. App Builder includes pre-design application templates and common layout templates that make it easy to get started. You do not need to be an expert in UI design to web design to create simple, beautiful experiences with the App Builder.

What is a drag and drop app builder?

Drag and Drop App Builders are a tool that enables RAD (rapid application development) creation of apps with simple drag and drop. Using a drag and drop App Builder, the designer, developer or power users is usually presented with a Toolbox of UI controls, a Design Surface and a Properties Editor. These three features are what make up the core experience of a drag and drop App Builder. Anyone can use an App Builder to create screens or entire applications. Using the built-in templates and pre-defined layouts in a drag and drop App Builder, there is no need to become and expert in the nuances of UI design – drag and drop App Builder tools remove the complexity of screen design and deliver a fast, modern experience for application construction.

What is WYSIWYG app builder?

A WYSIWYG, or “What You See is What You Get” App Builder will do exactly what its name implies – the screens you create by dragging and dropping UI controls onto a design surface will be “what you get” in the resulting app. You can arrange and move UI controls around to fit the needs of your design, and whatever that looks like will be represented exactly to the pixel on the design surface of the App Builder and in the code output of the App Builder. Using a WYSIWYG App Builder is essential to prototyping or design applications fast and can save development teams, product managers or designers days and weeks of potentially error-prone hand-coding of every screen and interaction in your application.

How to create an app without coding?

Creating an application without coding is possible using a WYSIWYG App Builder. Using an App Builder, you should be able to generate clean, usable code that can be used directly in your code editors to create an application. Using simple drag and drop of UI controls from a Toolbox to a Design Surface, it is easy to create an app without coding with an App Builder, however, since App Builders can fall into the category of either Low Code or No Code tools, it is important to understand the difference. The purpose of a low-code App Builder like App Builder is to save you large amounts of time and money that you would usually spend hand-coding every aspect of your user interface. With an App Builder, you do not need to be an expert in how application construction works, you can simply use the WYSIWYG drag and drop editor to create full-featured, interactive screens.

Is Indigo Design App builder good for app testing?

The App Builder is good for app testing since anything you design in the App Builder can be used to launch a user test. Using App Builder, a complete digital product design platform, includes features include interactive prototyping, user testing, team collaboration, stakeholder feedback loops, design to code and app building. As you create prototypes with App Builder, you can test these with users with the User Testing function, which enables collaboration with stakeholders, as well as in-depth analytics on what a user did, how long it took them to complete tasks and even video and audio recordings of their user testing journey.

What is developer handoff?

Developer handoff is arguably the most critical part of the iterative design process, but especially the design to code part of that process. In the developer handoff phase, the designer or design team will send, or ‘handoff’ their design to the development team. Typical, this is in the form of digitally produced screens (from a tool like Adobe Photoshop) or an advanced vector graphics design tool like Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD. The reason this aspect of the iterative design process is so critical is that it is potentially the most error prone. Designers and developers use different tools. Developers usually do not have expertise is design tooling, so they are asked to replicate the design they are handed in the developer tools they use. It is here where mistakes happen. Using a digital product design platform like App Builder ensures that developer handoff mistakes are avoided and going from design to code can produce pixel-perfect code without needing development teams to manually recreate a design.

Will App Builder improve the designer-developer collaboration in my team?

App Builder is one part of the App Builder Digital Product Design Platform. With App Builder, you can dramatically improve designer-developer collaboration within your teams as you work on prototypes, as well as improving collaboration with stakeholders. Any design or protoype can be shared with a simple URL, and with the discussion and feedback tools in App Builder, you can get real-time feedback from design and development teams as well stakeholders as they experience your prototype. During the user testing process, App Builder includes real-time analytics and dashboards that show how a user is experiencing the application, the issues they are having, and the direct feedback on features they wish to share. Designer-developer collaboration is a key aspect of any iterative design process, App Builder helps facilitate this designer-developer collaboration with its built-in tools.

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