Test Automation for Micro Focus UFT

WPF and Windows Forms

Reduce testing time, increase productivity, and guarantee a higher-quality product with Test Automation for Micro Focus UFT.

Test Automation for Windows Forms or WPF Apps

Automated Testing of Your Windows Forms or WPF Apps

User Interface testing can be a painful process that often leaves you either tediously writing custom test code or not testing the user interface at all. This leaves your applications open to failure–a dangerous risk to take in today’s market.
Automated Testing for Windows Forms or WPF Apps
To mitigate this risk, trust Test Automation for Micro Focus UFT.
These custom libraries enable automated testing of an application’s user interface within your preferred testing IDE, allowing quality assurance teams to fully regression test Windows Forms and WPF applications developed using Infragistics Ultimate UI for Windows Forms or Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF

Seamless Integration With Micro Focus’ Unified Functional Testing

When teamed with Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Infragistics test automation toolsets condense your quality assurance timeline and make it easy to deploy higher-quality Windows Forms and WPF applications faster, with less cost and risk.

Integrates Seamlessly

Test Automation integrates seamlessly with Micro Focus’ user-friendly software that comes with its own custom IDE designed specifically for testing.

Easy to Code and Follow

Test Automation coding is in a slimmed down version of VBScript, which is easy to code and follow.

Intuitive Design

Test Automation visible properties are streamlined to show those that are most useful to the tester, and the recorded methods are generally intent aware.

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