Ultimate UI Controls for ASP.NET

  • Feature-rich ASP.NET charts with less codingRenders a broad range of rich, high-fidelity chart typesFamiliar bar, line, area, and pie chartsComplex financial, candle, and radar chartsLearn More

  • Put data tables at your users’ fingertipsEdit, sort, move, filter, and template tabular dataFeatures touch-friendly styling and support for flicking and multi-touch gesturesLearn More

  • Import/export Microsoft Excel workbooks in high fidelityCompiled assembly reads and writes in widely interoperable XLS/XLSX file formatRuns completely independently of ExcelLearn More

  • Create Microsoft® Word® documents in high fidelityCompiled assembly writes in widely interoperable DOC/DOCX/WordML file formatRuns independently of WordLearn More

  • Plug-and-play, Microsoft® Outlook® 2010-style scheduling solutionFlexible displays include day, week, and month viewsHighly adaptable non-visual controlsLearn More

  • ASP.NET Reference Application

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Ultimate UI for ASP.NET $899 per developer, royalty-free subscription
  • The most powerful set of ASP.NET AJAX UI controls available
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Infragistics Ultimate $1,995 per developer, royalty-free subscription

Includes Ultimate UI for ASP.NET

  • 100+ desktop, mobile, and web controls
  • Time-saving productivity tools
  • Prototyping and usability testing
  • Additional training/support available
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