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Everything You Need To Create Beautiful Applications for Web, Mobile and Desktop

Simplify development with Infragistics Ultimate UI/UX toolkit, offering a comprehensive library of enterprise-grade UI controls and UX Design-Development collaboration tools with Indigo.Design – a complete design-to-code system – integrating prototyping, design systems, user testing, app building, and code generation.

Infragistics Ultimate, Task Planner sample application for managing tasks developed with Ignite UI web components.

The Ultimate Developer Toolkit

Design, modernize and transform your next app experience – for any device on any platform.

List of frameworks that Infragistics Ultimate supports -- jQuery, Angular, React, ASP.NET Core, Web Components, Blazor and ASP.NET MVC.

Modern, Responsive Web UX

Infragistics Ultimate comes with the most complete library of enterprise-grade .NET and JavaScript charts, grids and UI components and controls available. Including native libraries for Angular, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, Blazor, jQuery, React, Web Components, empowering developers with the tools to create or replicate beautiful experiences in any web framework.

"With Ignite UI ... the richness in graphics, grids, charts and tables was a huge plus, and the intuitive data processing was as close as possible to the Excel spreadsheet."

Ryohei Niiyama, Senior Manager, Systems Solutions Division, Pasona Tech
Cash Flow application showing inflow and outflow of assets powered by Infragistics Ultimate UI controls for desktop development.

Office-inspired Desktop Apps

With industry-leading UI toolkits for Windows Forms and WPF, Infragistics Ultimate makes it easy for developers to build beautiful, high-performing modern desktop applications. Included is a complete library of over 100 touch-friendly UI controls & components, including charts, grids, spreadsheets, calendars and more, all built on the latest .NET Core framework from Microsoft.

"The decision to work with Infragistics proved the crucial move for successful development.  With Ultimate UI for WPF, NEC created a strong solution for our banking customers, enabling a complete bank-at-home solution, enabling secure transactions the ability to sign important documents."

Takuya Manabe, Project Manager, NEC Solution Innovatorse
Cross platform frameworks - Xamarin, UWP, WinUI and Uno

Build Cross-platform Applications for Web, Mobile, Desktop and Beyond

For developers building multi-platform applications, in addition to our Xamarin toolkit, Infragistics Ultimate now includes new toolkits for Windows UI (WinUI), Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Uno Platform. These preview toolkits include charts, grids, calendar, data entry and more, enabling developers to build single-source applications which can work across web, mobile and desktop.

For developers building Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Objective-C or Java apps for modern mobile, Infragistics Ultimate offers a complete toolkit for Xamarin which includes dozens of UI controls, including charts, grids, calendar, data entry and more. Deliver a high-performance, platform-consistent UX on any mobile form factor.

Accelerate Your App Creation by 80%

What if you could skip the complex iterations and costly errors that occur across design and development teams that delay app creation?

Now you can with Indigo.Design, a digital product design platform that accelerates app delivery. Included in Infragistics Ultimate, Indigo.Design is the only complete design-to-code system on the market that integrates prototyping, design systems, user testing, app building and code generation. With the new Cloud-based, WYSIWYG drag & drop tool so you can build complete business apps faster than ever before, saving both time and money!

Indigo.Design is design-to-code software that supports wireframing, prototyping, user testing and code generation.

What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 21.1

Featuring the brand-new Indigo.Design App Builder with the industry's only WYSIWYG IDE, the latest Angular 12 enhancements to our blazing fast grid including hierarchical export to Excel service, and new updates to the fastest grids and charts for Blazor, React and Web Components. Read the details in our Infragistics 21.1 blog.

  • Design and Build Apps Up to 10x Faster Indigo.Design App Builder is a new design-to-code platform with the industry's first web-based, WYSIWYG IDE. App Builder improves designer-to-dev collaboration and accelerates app delivery while reducing UI and UX bugs. Learn More
  • Latest Components & Enhancements for Angular 12 New Angular Tree component, enhanced themes, export to Excel for hierarchical grid, date time & time column types, and refactored date & time picker components, and much more in Ignite UI for Angular 12. Learn More
  • New Components for Modern Web A complete set of Blazor components for C# developers, and powerful new features and enhancements to our data grids, charts, and components for Angular, React, and Web Components.
  • Indigo.Design App Builder featuring going from design to production ready Angular code
  • Ignite UI Enhancements for Angular 12 like tree grid and more.
  • Ignite UI for Blazor data grid and financial chart

Choose the Plan That's Right for You!

Stories That Truly Matter

More than two million developers use Infragistics UX and UI toolkits to support and accelerate their application development.

Intuit, Exxon, and Morgan Stanley group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Bank of America and Blue Yonder group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Pedrello, PTV Group and Ikea group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls Super Stream, Pasona Tech and Battelle group of client logos that utilize Infragistics developer controls

Through our partnership with Infragistics and the use of their development tools we have increased our ability to deliver modern applications on premise, in the cloud, and on a diverse set of devices with great user experiences.

Kazutoshi Satou, Manager, Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu logo


Fujitsu relies on Infragistics Ultimate tools allowing them to save time and money, while delivering a broader set of solutions and UX for their customers. Read More

Beautiful Apps, Source Code Included

No need to reinvent the wheel. Jumpstart your next project with one of our beautifully styled, fully functional reference applications. Download the code and make it your own!

View All Reference Applications

Angular - Task Planner

The Task Planner application provides an effective means for managing projects and related tasks.

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U.S. Presidential Election Dashboard

U.S. Presidential Election Dashboard

Built in Blazor (WASM) using Ignite UI for Blazor, the U.S. Presidential Election Dashboard provides interactive visualizations of election data up to the 2020 election, using our Blazor Data Grid.

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React - Stock Chart App

Track stocks and chart over time, monitor trend and view indicators with this robust financial application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers for Infragistics Ultimate

What is Infragistics Ultimate?

Infragistics Ultimate is the only complete UX/UI toolkit and design-to-code solution for desktop, web and mobile app designers and developers. This includes Indigo.Design for app design, prototyping, user testing and code generation, as well as a comprehensive library of user interface (UI) components, including 100s of data charts, grids and controls for desktop (Windows Forms and WPF), web (Angular, ASP.NET (Core & MVC), Blazor, jQuery, React and Web Components) and mobile (Android, iOS and Xamarin).

What makes Infragistics Ultimate different from other UX/UI toolkits?

Infragistics Ultimate is the only solution of its kind, integrating a complete UX/UI toolkit and design-to-code solution for desktop, web and mobile app designers and developers. Backed by Infragistics 30+ years of industry leadership and our award-winning live support, Infragistics Ultimate provides you with everything you need to build beautiful experiences in any framework or platform.

How does the pricing and licensing for Infragistics Ultimate work?

Infragistics Ultimate is licensed via a subscription model. A single developer license for the Infragistics Ultimate starts at $1,495 USD for a one-year subscription, including one year of standard support and updates. This is the best value for developers and teams building desktop, web and/or mobile applications, with a focus on user experience (UX). We also offer discounts for multi-year licenses. Please refer to our Pricing page for more information on pricing.

How do I get started with Infragistics Ultimate?

The best place to get started would be our documentation and getting started materials for each of our toolsets.

Where can I find component samples and sample applications?

The team at Infragistics maintains a comprehensive library of code samples which you can access here. We also maintain a library of sample applications, which you can access here.

Does Infragistics Ultimate support accessibility (a11y)?

Each product and each component in the Infragistics Ultimate product family is implemented according to the latest accessibility guidelines and specifications. All components have been tested for usability using OS or Browser provided accessibility technology – screen readers. The team ensures not only that the guidelines are implemented, but also that the actual content delivered to visually impaired or blind people is accessible and user-friendly for them.

Does Infragistics Ultimate support internationalization (i18n)?

Each product in the Infragistics Ultimate product family is built with internationalization in mind. Every product offers internationalization mechanisms specific to the supported framework. Languages supported out of the box are English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Ignite UI for jQuery and its derivative products – Ignite UI for MVC and Ignite UI for ASP.NET Core also include out of the box language support for French, German, Russian and Bulgarian.

Is Infragistics Ultimate compatible with .NET 5?

As of the Infragistics Ultimate 20.2 release, all our .NET components and solutions are all now .NET 5 compatible.

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