Ultimate UI Controls for Windows Forms

  • Take full advantage of touchAnimate data over timeApply heavy-duty data visualizationIncludes a wide range of series, such as Line, Stacked, Bubble, Column, Point, Spline, Waterfall, Polar, Radial, Candlestick, and moreLearn More

  • Surpass user expectations with this data-driven hierarchical data grid controlAccentuate data-centric desktop applications with rich Microsoft® Excel®-like functionalityLearn More

  • Embed Excel document creation and editing experiences right into your Windows Forms applicationsLearn More

  • Plug-and-play, Microsoft® Outlook®-style scheduling solutionFlexible data-bound displays include day, week, month, and timeline viewsHighly adaptable non-visual controlsLearn More

  • Experience fully automated testing of your Windows Forms applications with Infragistics test automation toolsIntegrates seamlessly with both HP UFT and IBM RFTLearn More

  • Windows Forms Reference Application

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Ultimate UI for Windows Forms $899 per developer, royalty-free subscription
  • 100+ high-performing UI controls covering every aspect of enterprise software development
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Infragistics Ultimate $1,995 per developer, royalty-free

Includes Ultimate UI for Windows Forms

  • 100+ desktop, mobile, and web controls
  • Time-saving productivity tools
  • Prototyping and usability testing
  • Additional training/support available
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UI frameworks, controls, and productivity tools for building high-performing web, mobile, and desktop apps.
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