Increase ROI of Your Software Development With Standard UI Toolkit

Evidence Shows That Consistent Usage of Well-designed and Tested UI Controls Delivers Significant Benefits Across an Enterprise.

When development teams use different—and often ad hoc—toolkits, developer productivity decreases and maintenance costs increase. This is because developers must often build new controls from scratch and lack up-to-date documentation that speeds code maintenance.

By using a standard Infragistics UI toolkit consistently across an enterprise, you can reduce project development and testing time by 33% through code re-use, fully tested components, and 24x5 award-winning support.

With a standardized UI toolkit, companies can:

  • Create amazing user experiences
  • Reduce project development and testing time by 33%
  • Lower testing and maintenance costs
  • Produce consistent corporate branding
  • Decrease training costs
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities

In this whitepaper, Benefits of UI Toolkit Standardization, you’ll see the research validating these issues and learn how a standard approach delivers a simple, consistent UX across an enterprise, while lowering costs.

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