Ultimate UI for Windows Forms 23.2

IG Windows Forms.png

The Ultimate UI for Windows Forms toolkit is an extensive one, comprised of over 50 controls and components. These controls and components have been designed for you to deliver the most cutting-edge user interfaces in your Windows Forms applications.

Explore the Developer’s Guide section of the Windows Forms help to learn how you can take advantage of each of the various controls and components. For example, you can use WinGrid™, a control that lets you quickly create visually compelling data grids that you can bind to any data source; and you can work with the WinSchedule™ controls and components, which allow you to build common Microsoft® Outlook calendar views ( WinDayView™, WinWeekView™, and WinMonthViewMulti™).

In each Ultimate UI for Windows Forms volume release, we add an essential set of new features and enhancements to our suite of Windows Forms controls and components to make sure that you are always equipped to meet your business needs.

Our Windows Forms toolset is built on the Presentation Layer Framework™ (PLF). This true framework ensures that you have a consistent development experience, which will ultimately lead to your end users having a consistent experience with the presentation layer of your Windows Forms application. The PLF ensures that once you learn a few of our Windows Forms controls, there will be minimal effort for you to learn the rest.

The Windows Forms controls and components also allow you to fully customize all aspects of their behavior and appearance through various styles and presets.

If you need to upgrade your existing Windows Forms project version to the latest release, there are quick and easy ways to do this (i.e., using the Version Utility (via the Programs menu), command-line program, and manually).

When you’re ready to deploy an application that uses our Windows Forms controls and components, there are various deployment options available to you (i.e., XCOPY, the Global Assembly Cache, and No-Touch).


Starting in the 2007 Volume 2 release, the Ultimate UI for Windows Forms product will be compiled against .NET Framework 2.0 (CLR 2.0) only. The 2007 Volume 1 release is the final release that the Ultimate UI for Windows Forms product is to be compiled against .NET Frameworks 1.0 and 1.1 (CLR 1.x). See Final Release of CLR 1.x Version of Infragistics Professional for more information.