Fujitsu Creates Better UX With the Right Developer Tools

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese and fifth largest world-wide information and communication technology company (ICT), offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Enterprise systems are evolving due to the growth of the Cloud, Internet of Things and the number of industry specific applications and smart devices users interact with as part of these systems. In today’s global economy, companies need to innovate in shorter cycles and gain insights to run their business in real-time, making usability business critical. Fujitsu uses their experience and power of ICT to shape the future of society with their customers.

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The Challenge

Today, Fujitsu’s challenge is to help their customers ensure the increasing number of endpoint devices in their systems are intuitive and easy to use. Fujitsu is working to help their enterprise customers modernize their legacy business applications and create new applications supporting new device types and user experiences to ensure their customers have access to the data they need, when and where they need it. Helping them innovate faster, increasing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction world-wide.

The Solution

Fujitsu developed a strategic partnership with Infragistics to integrate Infragistics UX and UI development toolkit, Infragistics Ultimate into its own proprietary application framework, Fujitsu Software INTARFAM. This immediately provides over 600 (and growing) Fujitsu’s engineers with access to advanced UX and UI development tools supporting multiple platforms including Web, Android and iOS, to design and develop the modern experiences their customers are increasingly asking for. Additionally, the partnership allows us to create a business framework enabling Fujitsu and Infragistics to work together to solve customer challenges faster and become the leading global provider of highly designed line of business applications providing great industry-specific experiences for both the public and private sector.

Through our partnership with Infragistics and the use of their development tools we have increased our ability to deliver modern applications on premise, in the cloud, and on a diverse set of devices with great user experiences.

Kazutoshi Satou, Manager, Fujitsu Limited

The Benefits

Fujitsu is already seeing the benefit of the recently established strategic partnership and the adoption of Infragistics UX and UI development tools:

  • Reduced development costs, a measurable increase in development team productivity and a broader set of solutions and user experiences they can offer to their customers.
  • Most recently Fujitsu has leveraged Infragistics advanced Web and native mobile device controls to deliver their next generation EMR (electronic medical records) system.
  • Based on the early success of the application there are plans in place to expand the use of Infragistics technology in additional health solutions and other industry specific software initiatives Fujitsu is working on.

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