React Ripple Overview

    The Ignite UI for React Ripple component creates an animation in response to a touch or a mouse click.

    React Ripple Example


    First, you need to the install the corresponding Ignite UI for React npm package by running the following command:

    npm install igniteui-react

    You will then need to import the IgrRipple, its necessary CSS, and register its module, like so:

    import { IgrRippleModule, IgrRipple } from 'igniteui-react';
    import 'igniteui-webcomponents/themes/light/bootstrap.css';
      <span>Ripple Button</span>

    You can add the IgrRipple component to any web element as long as its CSS position property is set to any other value than static;



    You can change the color of the ripple by setting the --color CSS property to any valid CSS color:

    igc-ripple {
      --color: olive;

    API References

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