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Indigo.Design Essential

$49/mo per user or $495 /yr (includes 15% discount)
  • Powerful, rapid prototyping for unlimited web, mobile, and desktop prototypes in the cloud
  • Remote User Testing with Analytics
  • Video Replays for User Tests
  • Group and Team Collaboration

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Sign up to get access to all Indigo.Design features for the first 14-days at no charge. After 14-days, simply subscribe to continue using the Indigo.Design features or downgrade to the free plan.

Indigo.Design Desktop app is included with all plans.

  Indigo.Design Essential Indigo.Design
Create prototypes in the cloud on Indigo.Design by importing Sketch documents or images    
Share a private link to the prototype with anyone and view on any device    
Conduct design reviews with others using comments and email notifications    
Run unlimited usability testing with video replays and analytics    
Collaborate with others using group workspaces and version history for prototypes.    
Access to Indigo Design system to create high-fidelity designs in Sketch App    
WYSIWYG drag & drop app builder    
Pre-built app templates and starter layouts    
Instant real-time code preview    
Ignite UI license – 60+ UI controls for building modern web apps    

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Indigo.Design licensed?

Indigo.Design is licensed per user, for a monthly fee or a pre-paid yearly fee. For example, if you are a team of 10, with 10 designers or 10 developers or a mix of designers & developers, you will need 10 licenses.

How much does an Indigo.Design subscription cost?

Indigo.Design has several product offering options

  • Indigo.Design Essential: $49/month, $495 annual pre-pay
  • Indigo.Design: $175/month, $1,695 annual pre-pay

What is included in the Indigo.Design product?

Indigo.Design is a complete digital product design platform, with the tools teams need to design, build, and test applications faster. Go from design to code faster using a flexible design system, UI prototyping, stakeholder collaboration and code generation in a single platform.

What do you get

Indigo.Design Sketch UI Kits 60+ UI components and UI patterns packaged in a Sketch UI Kit that map to real world UI components in our Ignite UI toolset. Designs created using these components will generate HTML, CSS & TypeScript code. The Sketch UI Kit libraries are designed with extensibility in mind, allowing you to customize components or UX patterns easily for your brand needs
Indigo.Design Cloud A cloud hosted image-based prototyping tool with built-in group collaboration that allows you to organize your teams around public and private workspaces. With image-based prototyping, you can Import your Sketch documents or images and then add interactions and transitions to show user flows, then share your prototype with others and view on any device. Add to that the unmoderated user testing feature, which lets you create task-based tests for your prototypes, and we’ll record audio & video, so you can watch your users interact with your prototypes all while returning real-time analytics and reports as tasks are completed.
Indigo.Design App Builder Indigo.Design App Builder is a cloud-based WYSIWYG drag & drop tool that helps teams design and build complete business apps faster than ever before. Backed by UI Kits and real UI components, everything created in App Builder will output production ready HTML, CSS, and TypeScript for your enterprise apps.
Ingite UI for Angular, Blazor, Web Components Indigo.Design includes a license for our high-performance Ignite UI for Angular, Blazor and Web Components controls. You are covered from design to development with 60+ Material-based UI components, including the fastest Grids & Charts on the planet.

What is the difference between Indigo.Design Essential & Indigo.Design?

You can see the difference in the offerings here.

What happens if I choose not to renew my Indigo.Design Essential or Indigo.Design Subscription or if my subscription expire?

You will lose access to Indigo.Design, and to any of the digital assets and the app(s) designs you have stored in the Indigo Cloud once your subscription has expired.

You will not be allowed to use any of the following:

  • Indigo.Design Cloud including image-based prototyping, personal & team workspaces, collaboration & sharing, usability studies, etc)
  • Indigo.Design App Builder
  • Indigo.Design Code Generator
  • Ignite UI for Angular

There are no runtime, royalties charged for any code that was deployed during your valid subscription license. If you do not renew you will not receive support, bug fixes or any new features we add to Ignite UI for Angular.

You can continue to use Indigo.Design Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD UI Kits for your design needs.

Does my Ignite UI for Angular subscription & license include the indigo.Design Code Generator extension?

No. This feature is part of the Indigo.Design product.

Is Ignite UI for Angular inside of Indigo.Design the same as the Ignite UI for Angular that is sold separately?

Yes, they are the same product.

Can I upgrade my subscription of Ignite UI for Angular to Indigo.Design?

Please contact sales for upgrade options

I have a deployed product with Ignite UI for Angular that was purchased with my Indigo.Design subscription. Are deployed apps still in compliance with the license agreement if I do not renew my Indigo.Design subscription?

Yes, all apps built and deployed during your active subscription time are allowed within the license agreement to be deployed after your subscription expires. We do not charge royalty or runtime fees for deployed products.

You will not, however, have access to any of the digital assets and the app(s) designs you have stored in the Indigo Cloud once your subscription has expired.

What do I need to do if I still want to develop apps with Ignite UI for Angular, but no longer need any of the Indigo.Design features?

You can purchase a developer license for Ignite UI for Angular, contact to update your subscription.

Is Indigo.Design part of Infragistics Ultimate?

Yes, Ultimate subscribers can experience the benefits of Indigo.Design.

Can I use Indigo.Design included in my Infragistics Ultimate subscription forever if I choose not to renew my Infragistics Ultimate subscription?

No. While Indigo.Design is part of your Ultimate subscription, it has a subscription, not perpetual, license model. Under the Infragistics Ultimate license, if you choose not to renew, you will lose rights to use:

  • Indigo.Design Cloud services (image-based prototyping, personal & team workspaces, collaboration & sharing, usability studies)
  • Indigo.Design App Builder
  • Indigo.Design Code Generator extension & service

I’ve been an Indigo Studio Enterprise customer. What happens to my subscription?

An existing Indigo Studio Professional subscription is now called Indigo.Design Essential, and an existing Indigo Studio Enterprise subscription is now called Indigo.Design. You do not have to take any action, all the features and benefits remain the same, including your pricing.

I have active Subscription for Indigo Studio. Do I get upgraded to Indigo.Design for free?

No. Your current subscription is now Indigo.Design Essential, which now includes all of the benefits and features you enjoyed in Indigo Studio Enterprise.

What is your support policy?

Our current product lifecycle and support policies are located here and do not change. Active subscribers can ask for support. If you are interested in same-day response time, Phone, Chat or additional support benefits, you can upgrade the default standard license to Priority Support for an additional $500. Please contact if you'd like to do that.

What is support policy for Indigo.Design especially for code generation services for Ignite UI for Angular piece?

We will support versions of both the design system and Ignite UI for Angular that live within our existing 12-month support policy. As the market behavior is to upgrade to the latest versions of Angular within a few months of release, and Indigo.Design code generation is a cloud-based service, we plan on supporting more recent versions of both Angular & Ignite UI for Angular.

Do you plan on supporting any of their UI frameworks or languages?

Yes. You can read about our plans in our public roadmap here.

Do you have a public roadmap?

Our public roadmap is posted here.

My team does not own Sketch. Can we still use Indigo.Design Cloud Image-Based Protoyping by importing pre-defined screens and complete app scenario created by Infragistics?

Yes, Indigo.Design works with any images, even Adobe Photoshop. If you would like to generate code, just make sure whatever you are importing is created using Sketch with the Indigo.Design UI Kits in Sketch.