Product Lifecycle

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The following product lifecycle applies to Ignite UI for JavaScript,  Ultimate UI for WPF, Ultimate UI for Windows Forms, Ultimate UI for ASP.NET, Ultimate UI for iOS, and Ultimate UI for Android.

Infragistics will offer to active, paying subscribers of these products a minimum of:

  • 1 year of product service releases
  • 3 years of developer support
  • Ultimate UI for Xamarin does not receive service releases. All bug fixes are available in the latest version of Ultimate UI and Ultimate UI for Xamarin.

The following table lists the Infragistics products currently in an active, supported state.

Support Expires
2017 Volume 2 November 2017 November 2020
2017 Volume 1 June 2017 June 2020
2016 Volume 2 October 2016 October 2019
2016 Volume 1 April 2016 March 2019
2015 Volume 2 October 2015 October 2018
2015 Volume 1 April 2015 March 2018
All products prior to 2015 Volume 1
(various) Expired