Coming up: 2018 Roadmap for Ignite UI for Angular

Infragistics Team / Tuesday, January 23, 2018

We have three pillars for Ignite UI for Angular:

  • High performance UI
  • Small JavaScript footprint
  • Unmatched designer & developer productivity.

As we continue to evolve Ignite UI for Angular, those 3 pillars will be seen in everything we ship. Through continuous delivery in 2018 our focus is shipping new capabilities to our Angular data grids and Angular charts.

In the grid, we are currently working on row and column virtualization, master-detail views, inline editing, Microsoft Excel style filtering, row + column pinning, full column management like grouping, pinning, and multi-column headers, plus export to Microsoft Excel.

Charting will include the same real-time, high-volume data support for all the common business charts that we currently ship in our Ignite UI for JavaScript product, including complete financial charting capabilities.

As we continue to focus on helping design teams and developers deliver software faster with beautiful UX, we will ship high-productivity features like enhanced Ignite UI CLI features, integration with the Angular CLI, more Sketch UI kits and app templates for the designer-developer workflow, and visual configurators for charts and grids for any code editor, including Visual Studio Code.

Click here for directions on how to install Ignite UI for Angular, then sign up for a free 30-day trial that includes set-up along with enterprise-ready support. Call one of our five worldwide offices to set up a product demo. We’re excited to hear what you think.