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The Infragistics Podcast

Thought-provoking conversations from industry leaders and influencers, brought to you by Infragistics, where we make fast and beautiful UI controls and time-saving tools for developers and UX pros, as well as collaborative mobile workspaces and visual data insights for business teams.

Recent Podcasts

Key Features in Infragistics Ultimate 17.1

The universe of software development is moving fast, and chances are it’s not going to slow down. But Infragistics Ultimate controls and productivity tools smooth the transition between platforms and help you save time and money as you race to build and support desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Making Technology Personal Again

Since 1947 you and I have not evolved at all, relatively speaking. On the other hand, the evolution of technology has increased almost exponentially. Our technology is now so intricate, its ability to process information so great, that our own human perceptual and cognitive abilities – honed over millions of years – pale in comparison.

Infragistics CEO Dean Guida: How to Attract—and Keep—Young Developer Talent

Infragistics Podcast host Elden Nelson talks with Dean Guida, founder and CEO of Infragistics, about what young developers are looking for as they start their careers today. Dean shares some advice on what smart companies can do to attract and retain the rising generation of developers.

Prototyping Essentials

Dave Broschinsky, UX Principal at LANDesk, talks about the foundational aspects of prototyping — why it’s important, how you explain what it is, what kinds of prototypes you use in a project and when, how to share what you learn from the prototypes, when to bring developers into the process, and a lot more.

3 Top Tips for Faster, Better-Performing Web Apps

James Bender, product manager for Ignite UI at Infragistics, shares his three top tips for building web apps. Drawing on his consulting background, James shares some best practices for planning your project, thinking about your data, and thinking about performance, plus a bonus fourth tip for thinking about your end user.

The Road Ahead

Jason Beres, Senior VP of Developer Tools, talks about where Infragistics has been and where it’s headed — both the next year and in the long term. Learn about the company’s evolution from a fine-grained focus on developer tools to its current forward-looking long-term vision for supporting the enterprise.

Accelerating Your Development Process Through Automation

Kevin Grossnicklaus, president of ArchitectNow, and James Bender, product manager for Ignite UI at Infragistics, talk about practices and principles of automation in development.

Ultimate UI Controls for Xamarin: Going Native for Mobile Developers

Infragistics has increased developer productivity for over 30 years, and Ultimate UI for Xamarin is the latest tool to help do just that. Jason Beres (Senior VP of Developer Tools) and Elden Nelson (Senior Director, Content Marketing) get together to talk about this just-released product in this episode of the Infragistics Podcast.

Delivering Value in the Modern Web Era

As a web developer, how do you add value to your web apps? What does value even mean? Is it just speed of development and time to market? Scalability and reliability? Or is there more to it than that? And how do you do this in the fast-churning world of the modern web, where standards come out almost too frequently to count?

Google Talks About Angular’s Past, Present, and Future

Infragistics Ignite UI Product Manager James Bender talks with two key members of Google's Angular team: Stephen Fluin, Developer Advocate; and Jules Kremer, who manages developer relations and documentation for Angular. If you're interested in why Angular matters, this is a can't-miss episode of the Infragistics Podcast.

Creating Synergy with Stakeholders

The Storyboard talks with two people — Charles from the UX world, and Mike from product management — at Instec, a company that develops custom software for insurance companies. The way they work together is a great case study in using prototyping, user stories, and getting the whole company involved.

Nothing Matters More than Empathy and Trust

Dave Broschinsky, Global Director of UX at LANDesk, talks about why empathy and trust are foundational to great UX design — and why, after talking with hundreds of customers, he still thinks it’s sometimes necessary to meet face-to-face.

5 Techniques for Elegance and Clarity in UX Design

Eric Reiss, the author of the book Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Stuff Better (get a free copy at talks about how focusing on the principles of being Visible, Understandable, Logical, Consistent, and Predictable can make good designs great.

5 Principles for Ease of Use in Design

Eric is the author of the book Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Stuff Better (get a free copy at In this podcast, we talk about the 5 principles for ease of use in software: Functional, Responsive, Ergonomic, Convenient, and Foolproof.