Infragistics Xamarin 20.1

The Ultimate UI for Xamarin product is a suite of next-generation controls, designed to create polished, commercial-class line of business and data visualization applications based on Xamarin.Forms.

One Codebase, Two Experiences

Don’t stress over the training and time costs involved with learning a new platform. Use your current C# and XAML skills to architect your native apps in the same way as traditional cross-platform applications, using a single codebase. You can create native apps in no time when you combine your talents with our Xamarin.Forms controls, components, and frameworks.

Using the Help

The Ultimate UI for Xamarin help is available to assist you in finding the information that you need to understand and use the controls, components and frameworks of the Ultimate UI for Xamarin suite.

Online Help Version

This section provides information about the online version of the Ultimate UI for Xamarin help available on our Web site.

In the online Ultimate UI for Xamarin help, the navigation structure of the help window is comprised of the following parts:

  • Search - Use the search box to search for specific words in the help. When you click the icon on the right side of the search box, the Search generates a list of the topics that contain at least one of the searched words, and displays the list of topics in a new page.

  • Content Tree - Displays sections and pages of all the topics in the online help. Click a section to expand it and view its contents (i.e., sub-sections and pages). The Content tree provides an overview of the help structure, as well as a way to easily navigate through the topics.