Sample Applications Built with Infragistics Ultimate

  • Silverlight Finance Reference App

    Finance Stock Dashboard with XAML

  • Ignite UI Auto Sales Reference App

    Auto Sales with HTML 5

  • IN Tune Windows Forms

    INTune with Windows Forms

  • World Stats with Silverlight

    World Stats with Silverlight

  • Properties with ASP.NET

    Properties with ASP.NET

  • Population Explosion with Silverlight

    Population Explosion with Silverlight

  • Auto Sales for WPF

    Auto Sales for WPF

  • Earthquake Watch for WPF

    EarthQuake Watcher for WPF

  • Airline Seating for WPF

    Airline Seating Chart for WPF

  • Finance with Ignite UI

    Finance with Ignite UI

  • ER Dashboard with Ignite UI

    ER Dashboard Ignite UI

  • Auto Sales with Windows Forms

    INGear with Windows Forms

  • Hospital Floor Plan for Silverlight

    Hospital Floor Plan with Silverlight

  • Sales Reporting with Silverlight

    Sales Reporting with Silverlight

  • Avee Talent with Silverlight

    Avee Talent with Silverlight

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