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  • Webinar (India Region): Deep Dive into Custom Directives in AngularJS
    • May 29
    • Webinar

    11AM IST

    Considered one of the most important features of AngularJS 1.X, directives allow you to create new elements on the view or give special meaning to existing elements. Many built-in directives allow you to perform tasks like manipulating the DOM, binding data, handling events, modifying CSS and more. But what about when you need to write custom directives?

    In this webinar, Microsoft MVP and Infragistics Consultant Dhananjay Kumar will not only explore the built-in directives, but he’ll also take a closer look at custom directives and how to use them. Learn about a variety of topics including:

    1. shared, inherited, and isolated scope in directives;
    2. using controllers in directives;
    3. the $compile and link functions;
    4. transclusion, and more!

    On the day of the presentation, space is limited to the first 1,000 attendees – so reserve your spot today!

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  • UXify Bulgaria
    • Jun 19
    • User Group

    Get ready to explore The Future of Design at UXify Bulgaria!

    This two-day community event hosted by Infragistics is dedicated to the latest trends and best practices in UX design. The event combines inspirational seminars with practical workshops to give you the insights you need to deliver exceptional user experiences. Join us at the beautiful Sofia Event Center as we kick off on Friday, June 19th with a full day of inspiring conference seminars focused on User Experience and Customer-Centered Design, then come back on Saturday, June 20th when we'll wrap it all up with a few workshops to offer you amazing hands-on experience as well!

    We will cover a broad range of UX topics, such as User Research, Front-End Development and UX, Dashboard Design, Gamification in UX, and many more, presented at various levels. Both seminars and workshops will feature local and international UX design experts and industry leaders. Learn more about UXify Bulgaria here, and then be sure to register here - we'll see you there!

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