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  • SQLSaturday #290 Kiev, Ukraine – Event Recap
    POSTED ON: 09/21/2014 5:53 AM  BY:  [Infragistics] Mihail Mateev
    Infragistics Inc. was a sponsor of SQLSaturday #290 Kiev, Ukraine. Company provided licenses for the event raffle.   Infragistics also was presented at SQLSaturday Kiev by me by me as a speaker. The event was held on Saturday, September 20th  at RUS Hotel, 4, Hospitalna Str., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine. There was an additional event: PreConf , one-day trainings hold by international trainers, Sergey Olontsev and Tobiasz Koprowski on Friday 19-th of September.   Administrator of the conference was Denis Rezink .  He organized a team of volunteers who did an awesome event. This was the fifth event with Infragistics in Ukraine. Infragistics Inc. was the only one component vendor with a speaker at the conference. Participants gave a good feedback about the company presentations.  There was also an interest in the  Infragistics solutions, related to Development Tools,  Data Visualization and Business Solutions. Infragistics presentation inclided  samples  implemented with the company products like  Ignite UI and dev. tools for other platforms. Company is now well-known in the region and have more closer contacts with professionals, community  members and companies from this region. Summary: There were 21 presentations in 4 tracks. The biggest SQLSaturday ever organized in Ukraine   SQLSaturday Kiev registration:   Some of the speakers just before the conference keynote:   SQLSaturday Kiev keynote:   A coffee break:   SQLSaturday Kiev raffle and closing ceremony:   Infragistics participation in the event: Infragistics Inc. was a swag sponsor There was 2 technical presentation from Infragistics Inc.:Dealing with Entity Framework 6.1 : Mihail MateevPower BI for Office 365 - a Complete Self-Service BI in the Cloud  : Mihail Mateev     If you want more information about the event and Infragistics community feel free to contact me at or to contact Follow this event on Twitter with hash tag  #sqlsatkiev. You can learn more about the Infragistics events if you follow us on Twitter @mihailmateev  , @Infragistics and stay in touch on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Infragistics Friends User Group !    
  • Developer News - What's IN with the Infragistics Community? (9/8-9/14)
    POSTED ON: 09/16/2014 11:18 AM  BY:  Dara Monasch
    Here we are with this week's news roundup! Today is a great mix of UX and developer news, so I hope you enjoy! 5. Think Your App is Beautiful? Not Without User Experience (Smashing Magazine) 4. How to Create Great UX Documents (UX For the Masses) 3. Lessons from a Lifetime of Being a Programmer (The Codist) 2. 9 Things I Learned as a Software Engineer (Medium) 1. This is Why You Never End Up Hiring Good Developers (Quartz)
  • Adding igGrid in Durandal 2
    POSTED ON: 09/16/2014 7:25 AM  BY:  [Infragistics] Petar Ivanov
    This guide builds on Angel’s awesome article detailing how to add an igGrid in a Durandal SPA application: Here we will implement the same scenario in Durandal 2. This example assumes Durandal’s HTML Starter Kit is used. To start with, the required scripts need to be organized in the project’s lib folder. Create a folder called infragistics and place the IgniteUI js and css folders containing all javascript and styling resources within it Create a folder called jqueryui and place the jQueryUI library (of your choosing) in it Create a folder called knockout-mapping and place the knockout-mapping.latest.js library in it. Durandal 2 assumes no global libraries. Because of that the dependencies for the IgniteUI scripts need to be explicitly defined (special thanks to Johnny Ezzell for pointing this out in Angel’s blog). Therefore the core, lob and knockout datasource and grid extension scripts are to be wrapped in: define(['knockout', 'jquery'], function (ko, $) {     //--- IG code ---// }); Note that this would be needed if other individual modules are used as well. Next, the required scripts need to be added through RequireJS. The following paths and dependencies for the IgniteUI resources, knockout-mapping and jQuery UI need to be set: requirejs.config({     paths: {         'text': '../lib/require/text',         'durandal': '../lib/durandal/js',         'plugins': '../lib/durandal/js/plugins',         'transitions': '../lib/durandal/js/transitions',         'knockout': '../lib/knockout/knockout-3.1.0',         'knockout.mapping': '../lib/knockout-mapping/knockout.mapping-latest.debug',         'bootstrap': '../lib/bootstrap/js/bootstrap',         'jquery': '../lib/jquery/jquery-1.9.1',         'jquery.ui': '../lib/jqueryui/jquery-ui.min',         'infragistics.core': '../lib/infragistics/js/infragistics.core',         'infragistics.lob': '../lib/infragistics/js/infragistics.lob',         'infragistics.ds.knockout': '../lib/infragistics/js/extensions/infragistics.datasource.knockoutjs',         'infragistics.grid.knockout': '../lib/infragistics/js/extensions/infragistics.ui.grid.knockout-extensions',     },     shim: {         'bootstrap': {             deps: ['jquery'],             exports: 'jQuery'         },         'knockout.mapping': {             deps: ['knockout']         },         'infragistics.core': {             deps: ['jquery', 'jquery.ui', 'knockout.mapping']         },         'infragistics.lob': {             deps: ['infragistics.core']         },         'infragistics.ds.knockout': {             deps: ['infragistics.core']         },         'infragistics.grid.knockout': {             deps: ['knockout', 'infragistics.lob']         }     } }); The IgniteUI CSS resources can be added in index.html: link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> link href=""  rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> Next, the route to the igGrid view is set in the shell.js viewmodel: activate: function () {[         { route: '', title:'Welcome', moduleId: 'viewmodels/welcome', nav: true },         { route: 'flickr', moduleId: 'viewmodels/flickr', nav: true },         { route: 'iggrid', moduleId: 'viewmodels/iggrid', nav: true },     ]).buildNavigationModel();     return router.activate(); } We are now ready to add the igGrid view and viewmodel to the respective directories under the app folder. The view is the same as the one used in Angel’s sample: section> div class="row"> div class="span2">div> div class="span1" style="padding:10px;"> input type="button" data-bind="click: buttonClick, value: buttonText"/> div> div class="span4" style="padding:10px;"> span data-bind="text: labelText"/> div> div> table id="grid1" data-bind="igGrid: { dataSource: data, caption: 'Food from Heaven', primaryKey: 'id', height: 300, width: 800, features: [{ name: 'Sorting' }, { name: 'Updating' }] }">table> section> The viewmodel is also mostly unchanged, with the exception of the needed resources being listed in the define statement: define(['knockout', 'jquery', 'jquery.ui', 'knockout.mapping',  'infragistics.core', 'infragistics.lob', 'infragistics.ds.knockout', 'infragistics.grid.knockout' ], function (ko, $) {     return {         data: ko.observableArray([]),         buttonText: "Update!",         labelText: "Hit the button to update the model 'desc' value of the first record with the value of 'some custom description & watch out the grid!",         buttonClick: function () {             // update data (the model for the IGnite Grid)   [0].desc("some custom description");         },         activate: function () {             //the router's activator calls this function and waits for it to complete before proceding             if ( > 0) {                 return;             }             function Item(id, desc, productName, createdDate) {                 return {                     id: ko.observable(id),                     desc: ko.observable(desc),                     productName: ko.observable(productName),                     createdDate: ko.observable(createdDate)                 };             };             var myData = [                 new Item(1, "Best Italian bread", "Bread", new Date(2013, 10, 5, 1)),                 new Item(2, "Quaker oats for your taste", "Old Fashioned Quaker Oats", new Date(2012, 10, 5, 2)),                 new Item(3, "peeled and processed", "Canned tomatoes", new Date(2010, 10, 5, 2)),                 new Item(4, "The best tuna from Norway", "Canned Tuna", new Date(1999, 10, 5, 5)),                 new Item(5, "Greek olive oil", "Olive oil", new Date(2013, 10, 5, 5)),                 new Item(6, "heated beverage", "Hot chocolate", new Date(2011, 10, 5, 8)),                 new Item(7, "black beans from Guatemala", "Beans", new Date(2005, 10, 5, 6)),                 new Item(8, "Green Equador bananas", "Bananas", new Date(2004, 10, 5, 5)),                 new Item(9, "raw avocado", "Avocados", new Date(2004, 10, 5, 5)),                 new Item(10, "brown sugar from the Netherlands", "Brown sugar", new Date(2013, 10, 5, 4)),                 new Item(11, "Peru 100% cocoa", "Cocoa", new Date(2013, 10, 5, 4)),                 new Item(12, "Bulgarian natural honey", "Honey", new Date(2012, 10, 5, 9)),                 new Item(13, "Brought to you by Heinz", "Apple cider vinegar", new Date(1994, 10, 5, 7)),                 new Item(14, "grass-fed", "Boneless chicken breast", new Date(1998, 10, 2, 7)),                 new Item(15, "Salmon from Scotland", "Salmon", new Date(2013, 2, 5, 8)),                 new Item(16, "Uruguay's best ribeye steaks", "Ribeye steaks", new Date(2013, 3, 5, 8)),                 new Item(17, "turkey lean meat", "Ground turkey", new Date(2013, 4, 5, 11)),                 new Item(18, "fresh bio lettuce", "Lettuce", new Date(2013, 7, 5, 11)),                 new Item(19, "Pami peanut butter", "Peanut Butter", new Date(2014, 7, 3, 2)),                 new Item(20, "Fresh Asparagus", "Asparagus", new Date(2013, 10, 2, 1)),                 new Item(21, "raw almonds, non salted", "Almonds", new Date(2009, 8, 5, 1)),                 new Item(22, "White feta cheese", "White cheese", new Date(2013, 10, 5, 3)),                 new Item(23, "hot peppers", "Black peppers", new Date(2013, 10, 5, 6)),                 new Item(24, "baked and salted pumpkin seeds", "Pumpkin seeds", new Date(2013, 10, 5, 5))             ];             return;         },         canDeactivate: function () {             //the router's activator calls this function to see if it can leave the screen             return app.showMessage('Are you sure you want to leave this page?', 'Navigate', ['Yes', 'No']);         }     }; }); You are all set. Run the index.html and navigate to the igGrid view. As in Angel’s sample, clicking on the Update button causes the “desc” value of the first row to change to “some custom description”.


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  • .NET Conf UY 10/03/2014
    Attention all developers in and around Montevideo, Uruguay: Infragistics is officially participating in .NET Conf UY. This five-day event is the place to go for learning, networking, and fun, and we can't wait to see you there!
  • Visual Studio Live! 2014 - Washington, DC 10/06/2014
    Will you be at VS Live! in Washington, DC this fall? Be sure to say hi to Infragistics while you're there! Our very own Brian Lagunas will be presenting two talks on Creating Cross Platform Games with Unity & WPF for the Real World so don't miss out.