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  • Developer News - What's IN with the Infragistics Community? (7/14-7/20)
    POSTED ON: 07/24/2014 1:35 PM  BY:  Dara Monasch
    Here's your weekly roundup! Enjoy!!! 4. Life as a Software Engineer: Learning to Work with Ease (Conductor Nightlight) 3. The Simpsons in CSS (Chris Pattle) 2. Best Practices for Building Angular.js Apps (Medium) 1. 50 Fantastic Flat Web Designs from 2014 (SpeckyBoy)
  • Dealing with Node.js and Microsoft SQL Server: Part-2
    POSTED ON: 07/24/2014 6:18 AM  BY:  [Infragistics] Mihail Mateev
    In the previous post we did an overview of the different Node.js drivers for Microsoft SQL Server. There was a comparison between different modules for SQL Server and were considered and their advantages and disadvantages Developers who work mainly with Node.js and open source technologies have experience how to build and debug Node applications.  People, dealing with Microsoft SQL Server usually have more experience with Visual Studio and Microsoft platforms. It is also possible to use SQL Server Data Tools with VS   Node.js Tools for Visual Studio: Node.js Tools for Visual Studio is a good solution if you want to get advantages from both – Node.js and SQL Server ( it is not a requirement – it just make development suing both technologies easier ). The first public Alpha is released in November, 2013. Beta 1.0 is available from April, 2014 and in July is relapsed Beta 2.0     Node.js Tools for Visual Studio, aka NTVS, is a free/OSS plug-in that turns Visual Studio into a Node.js IDE. It only takes a few steps to get setup so let's jump right into it. You need to have installed: Node.js Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 ( Express for WEB, Professional, Premium or Ultimate) Node.js Tools for Visual Studio     NTVS supports Editing, Intellisense, Profiling, npm, TypeScript, Debugging locally and remotely (Windows/ Mac OS /Linux), as well Azure Web Sites and Cloud Service. It id designed, developed, and supported by Microsoft and the community.   The interactive window is part of NTVS   IntelliSense exposes results of analyzing your programs in three different forms: completions, signature help, and quick info.   Node.js Tools allows you to create projects using the Visual Studio project system. Project files (.njsproj) reference all the source and content files associated with your project, showing them all in the Solution Explorer window and enabling NTVS to most efficiently work with your files.     You can use templates to create Node.js projects – console applications, web applications, Node.js + Express apps and Microsoft Azure Node.js apps/   You can also use the integrated debugger in Visual Studio   Below you can find examples how to start with the most popular Node.js drivers for Microsoft SQL Server   node-sqlserver-unofficial   The connection string – the example is given with Azure SQL database, but you can adapt it for SQL Server on premises. 1: var sql = require('node-sqlserver-unofficial'); 2:  3: var conn_str = "Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0}; 4: Server=tcp:[database-server],1433; 5: Database=[your-database]; 6: Uid=[user]@[database-server];Pwd=[your-password]; 7: Encrypt=yes; Connection Timeout=30;";   Create query using Node.js and node-sqlserver-unofficial 1: sql.query(conn_str, "SELECT TOP 10 FirstName, LastName FROM Person.Person", function (err, results) { 2: if (err) { 3: res.writeHead(500, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain' }); 4: res.write("Got error :-( " + err); 5: res.end(""); 6: return; 7: } 8: res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain' }); 9: for (var i = 0; i < results.length; i++) { 10: res.write("FirstName: " + results[i].FirstName + " LastName: " + results[i].LastName ); 11: } 12: res.end("; Done."); 13: });   tedious   Configuration – how to configure credentials for SQL Server Database with Node.JS + tedious   1: var Connection = require('tedious').Connection; 2: var Request = require('tedious').Request; 3: var config = { 4: server: '[db-server]', 5: userName: '[user]@[db-server]', 6: password: [password], 7: database: ' [database] ' , 8: encrypt: true // for Azure users 9: }   NTLM support just landed in Tedious driver :   Execute query using tedious. 1: function executeStatement() { 2: request = new Request( "select 42, 'hello world'", function(err, rowCount) { 3: if (err) { 4: console.log(err); 5: } else { 6: console.log(rowCount + ' rows'); 7: } 8: connection.close(); 9: }); 10: 11: request.on('done',function(rowCount, more) { 12: console.log(rowCount +' rows returned' ); 13: }); 14: connection.execSql(request); 15: }   Creating a connection to SQL Server using tedious. 1: var connection = new Connection(config); 2:  3: connection.on('connect' , function(err) { 4: // If no error, then good to go... 5: executeStatement(); 6: } 7: );   Insert Query, using tedious Node.js driver. 1: connection.on('connect', function(err){ 2: var request = new Request("INSERT INTO MyTable (uniqueIdCol, intCol, nVarCharCol) VALUES (@uniqueIdVal, @intVal, @nVarCharVal)", 3: function(err){ 4: if(err){ 5: console.log(err); 6: }; 7: }); 8:  9: request.addParameter('uniqueIdVal', TYPES.UniqueIdentifierN,'ba46b824-487b-4e7d-8fb9-703acdf954e5'); 10: request.addParameter('intVal', TYPES.Int, 435); 11: request.addParameter('nVarCharVal', TYPES.NVarChar, 'hello world'); 12:  13: connection.execSql(request); 14: });   tedious-ntml Tedious-ntlm is a  forked version of Tedious is a work in progress towards NTLM authentication. Sample connection string is demonstrated below:   1: var tds = require("tedious-ntlm"); 2:  3: var config = { 4: userName: 'dba', 5: domainName: "mydomain", 6: password: 'mypassword', 7: server: 'mssql-server', 8: options: { 9: instanceName: "SQL_Instance_Name", 10: database: "DemoDB", 11: debug: { 12: packet: false, 13: payload: false, 14: token: false, 15: data: false 16: }, 17: encrypt: true 18: } 19: };   Edge.js and edge-sql   Connection string / using environment variables This is the default approach when you are using edge-sql 1: SETX EDGE_SQL_CONNECTION_STRING "Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=node-test;Integrated Security=True " 2:    Query MS SQL Server directly using Edge.js 1: var getTopUsers = edge.func('sql', function () { /* 2: SELECT TOP 5 * FROM SampleUsers ORDER BY CreateDate DESC 3: */ });   Query SQL Server directly using Edge.js / code to set the connections in Node.js 1: var params = { 2: connectionString: "Data Source=IGBGSOFEV06\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=NodeJS;Integrated Security=True“ , 3: source: "SELECT TOP 5 * FROM SampleUsers ORDER BY CreateDate DESC" 4: }; 5:  6: var getTopUsers = edge.func( 'sql‘ , params);   Handle query results ( edge-sql ) 1: getTopUsers(null, function (error, result) { 2: if (error) { logError(error, res); return; } 3: if (result) { 4: res.write("<ul>"); 5: result.forEach(function (user) { 6: res.write("<li>" + user.FirstName + " " + user.LastName + ": " + user.Email + "</li>"); 7: }); 8: res.end("</ul>"); 9: } 10: else { 11: res.end("No results"); 12: } 13: });     Execute .NET code to query SQL Server   Edje.js ia a Node.js module, providing native binding to .Net world:   1: var edge = require('edge') 2: var hello = edge.func(function() {/* async (input) => { 3: return ".NET welcomes " + input.ToString();     4: }*/}) 5: hello('Node.js', function(error, result) { 6: error && throw error 7: console.log(result) 8: })   It is possible to create .NET library, implementing any queries, that you can create in .NET with ADO.Net and after that to import this library in your Node.js project and invoke methods using Edge.js module.   Create a .NET class library 1: public class CSSample 2: { 3: public async Task<object> Invoke(object input) 4: { 5: .... 6: } 7:  8: public async Task<List<SampleUser>> QueryUsers(int pageNumber, int pageSize) 9: { 10: .... 11: } 12: }   1: public class SampleUser 2: { 3: public int Id { get; set; } 4: public string FirstName { get; set; } 5: public string LastName { get; set; } 6: public string Email { get; set; } 7: public DateTime CreateDate { get; set; } 8: }   Import the .Net assembly and use it’s API in Node.js + Edge application  ( you should specify the method, that will be invoked ) 1: // Set up the assembly to call from Node.js 2: var querySample = edge.func({ 3: assemblyFile: 'EdgeSampleLibrary.dll', 4: typeName: 'EdgeSampleLibrary.CSSample', 5: methodName: 'Invoke' 6: });   Invoke a specified method from Node.js 1: // This is the data we will pass to .NET 2: var data = { pageNumber: 2, pageSize: 3 } 3:  4: // Invoke the .NET function 5: querySample(data, function (error, result) { 6: .... 7: });     The use of Node.js, Visual Studio and SQL Server makes it easy and flexible the creation of multiplatform data centric applications (on premises and in the cloud). In the next part of this article you can learn how to use Node.js module for Microsoft  SQL Server / Azure SQL Database in Microsoft Azure applications (Azure Web Sites and Azure Cloud Services ). We will take a look at the best practices and cover different use cases.     If you want more information about how to use Microsoft SQL Server & Node.js feel free to contact me at You can learn more about Azure Bootcamp Bulgaria if you follow us on Twitter @mihailmateev  and @Infragistics and stay in touch on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Infragistics Friends User Group !
  • NucliOS Release Notes - July: 13.2.179, 14.1.79 Service Release
    POSTED ON: 07/23/2014 2:00 PM  BY:  [Infragistics] Torrey Betts
    Introduction With every release comes a set of release notes that reflects the state of resolved bugs and new additions from the previous release. You’ll find the notes useful to help determine the resolution of existing issues from a past release and as a means of determining where to test your applications when upgrading from one version to the next. Release Notes: NucliOS 2013 Volume 2 Build 179 and NucliOS 2014 Volume 1 Build 79 ComponentProduct ImpactDescriptionService Release IGPieChartView Bug Fix Labels don't resize properly when their text is overridden. Note: When using the IGPieChartView delegate method to change labels, new labels will get repositioned based on the new text. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGPieChartView Bug Fix During initial rendering, the label that is set via the delegate method is not used by the legend. Note: The legend now picks up pie slice labels set in the delegate. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix Null reference exception tapping a spot around the axis labels. Note: Added null checks to chart's hit testing. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix De-allocating the chart can cause a crash in handleGridAreaRectChanged method. Note: Fixed a weak reference being created while the chart is deallocating. 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix The tapForSeries method is not called after adding and removing the series multiple times. Note: Fixed an issue that caused the chart to return wrong series index when hit testing. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix Legend markers are not shown when the chart uses custom markers. Note: Added a new delegate method that gets called for the legend item badges. chartView:viewForLegendItemInSeries: This is only used when showing custom markers. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix Crash occurs when binding a data model greater than 2500 data points. Note: Fixed memory allocation bug when inserting a range of values. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix DashArray property has no effect for IGScatterLineSeries. Note: Scatter line series will correctly show stroke dash array and stroke dash cap. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix The method insertItemAtIndex doesn’t consider the source parameter and inserts all point in all sources. Note: Fixed a case when two series start out empty, inserting into one series will also insert into the other. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix NSRangeException is thrown when trying to add values to an empty AsyncDataSourceHelper. Note: Fixed an index out of range exception in async helper. 14.1.79 IGCalendarView Bug Fix Appointments spanning over two months are shown only in the month they start. Note: N/A. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix IGValueOverlay doesn’t work with DateTime axis. Note: IGValueOverlay now works with the IGCategoryDateTimeXAxis. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGCalendarView Bug Fix Appointments overlap when there is a 5th week displayed in the MonthView. Note: N/A. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix Not being able to get a fragment series inside the chartView:viewForMarkerInSeries method. Note: Added a property to the options parameter that returns a stacked fragment. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGOverlayView Bug Fix When rotating the screen the IGOverlayView is not resized properly. Note: The IGOverlayView now properly resizes when in landscape orientation. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix ReverseLegendOrder doesn’t work for IGStackedColumnSeries. Note: ReverseLegendOrder will reverse the stacked series items in the legend. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGChartView Bug Fix Exception raised when using autolayout and NAN values. Note: Having NANs is the datasource no longer crashes the chart. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 IGCalendarView Bug Fix Larger font makes day numbers unreadable. Note: N/A. 13.2.179, 14.1.79 By Torrey Betts


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  • WEBINAR: What's New in ReportPlus Version 3.0 07/29/2014
    ReportPlus Version 3.0 is here, and it’s loaded with new features that will help you transform your business data into consumable insights, on the go. In this webinar, Product Manager Gabriel Lopez will walk you through the various scenarios where you will benefit most from these new capabilities, including: • enhanced analysis services support; • cascading filters for widgets and global filters; • creating your own html visualizations,; • navigation and syncing between dashboards and devices; and more. Don’t miss out – reserve your spot today and see how the newest release of ReportPlus 3.0 offers a personalized solution tuned to the needs of your enterprise.
  • Infragistics World Tour - London, UK 09/29/2014
    The Infragistics team is proud to bring you our 2014 International World Tour - London Edition! Our team, along with UX pro Jared Potter of Sixth Ave Studios, will be heading out into the wild to bring you a FREE cutting-edge design and development workshop! Come join us as Jared teaches you how to take charge of the modern design process, with a particular focus on modern web apps with jQuery/HTML5. By the end of this half-day event not only will you have witnessed an application go from inception to design to creation, but you’ll walk away with the source code too! We hope to see you there!
  • Infragistics World Tour - Paris, France 10/03/2014
    The Infragistics team is proud to bring you our 2014 International World Tour - Paris Edition! Our team, along with UX pro Jared Potter of Sixth Ave Studios, will be heading out into the wild to bring you a FREE cutting-edge design and development workshop! Come join us as Jared teaches you how to take charge of the modern design process, with a particular focus on modern web apps with jQuery/HTML5. By the end of this half-day event not only will you have witnessed an application go from inception to design to creation, but you’ll walk away with the source code too! We hope to see you there!