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What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 16.2

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Now with full support for Angular 2, Ignite UI 16.2 is here and it’s all about customer-requested features, increased capabilities and reduced time-to-market. All Ignite UI controls have component definitions for Angular 2 hosted on GitHub, giving you easy access to declaratively build your next JavaScript and HTML-based MVC app. We are also releasing a preview of our React components, also available on GitHub. And if that isn't enough, we’ve added full ASP.NET Core support, including Tag Helpers for all of our controls.

Super Fast Lightweight Controls
Indigo Studio

Prototyping and Usability Testing

Build code-free, interactive, responsive prototypes of your application with Indigo Studio, and get insights on how your prototype performs with real people using Indigo Studio’s remote, unmoderated usability testing. Test design alternatives and get concise study summaries, task success rates, completion times and a click-map view.

Indigo Studio

Charts with Blazing Speed

When you need charting tools that can take on thousands of data points with lightning-fast speed, trust Infragistics Ultimate 16.2. Our revamped charting library includes an easier API, better default settings and faster, smoother rendering. All this, and we’ve actually reduced the size of the library to help make your applications more efficient while doubling the rendering performance for real-time scenarios in JavaScript.

Charts with speed

Modern Desktop Experiences

We’ve made several great changes and additions to our WPF controls: We’ve added a new Royal Dark theme based on our popular Metro Dark theme. We’ve also added a new category chart, which includes the same benefits implemented in the Ignite UI chart – a simpler API, beautiful default settings and styles and smoother rendering. Along with this, we’ve improved the grid, calendar, pie chart, and more. We aren’t stopping there: we’ve added a unique Zoom control in Windows Forms to enhance mobile experiences, a new Navigation and Peek control which matches the Office experience, and we’ve completely revamped the Color Picker so you can modernize your UI and give your users more options.

  • Office NavBar

  • charts


Market-Leading Grids

Infragistics Ultimate offers the most agile, high-performing grids on the market, and Ignite UI and WPF both get grid treatment in 16.2. In WPF, there is a new “Select All” button on the field chooser, and we've added data template support to our Property Grid. Ignite UI gets new features as well, like collapsible column groups, a 10X increase in sorting performance, and high-performance rendering samples demonstrating real-time data scenarios. Our grids are easy to develop with, faster than ever, and offer the best end-user interactions on the market.

Fastests Grids

Webinar: Build Superior User Experiences With Infragistics Ultimate 16.2

Join Senior Vice President of Developer Tools Jason Beres as he walks you through the newest updates to Infragistics Ultimate 16.2.

Learn how to create Modern Web apps with ease, get to know our prototyping tool, Indigo Studio, take an in-depth look at what we’ve done to make even better Desktop apps for your users, and best of all, see the enhanced speed of our updated charts firsthand.

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