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What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 16.1

Superior user experiences start with Infragistics Ultimate. Choose UX & UI tools built to accelerate the application design and development process.

Cutting-Edge Modern Web Tools

Now with full support for Angular 2 Beta and Bootstrap 4, Ignite UI 16.1 is here and it’s all about customer requested features, increased capabilities and reduced time-to-market. All Ignite UI controls have component definitions with Angular 2 Beta and are hosted on GitHub, giving you easy access to declaratively build your next JavaScript & HTML-based MVC app.

Super Fast Lightweight Controls
Indigo Studio

From Design to Development, Faster

Build code-free, interactive, responsive prototypes of your application with Indigo Studio – and now enjoy new usability testing features that allow you to gain insights on how well your prototype will perform with real people! Test design alternatives and get concise study summaries, task success rates, completion times and a click-map view.

  • Invite Testing participants and allow testing

  • Detailed Results from testing

  • Set up task and record flows

Mobile App Development

Perfect for the marketplace or the enterprise, our iOS and Android toolsets are packed with dynamic, zoomable charts and truly responsive, high-performance data grids, including our new Android Grid RTM. Built specifically to meet the challenges of displaying large amounts of data on mobile platforms, the new Android Data Grid is lightweight, feature rich, responsive, and provides superior versatility.

Awesome Native Experiences for Mobile

Grids, Grids, Grids

We continue to offer the most agile, high-performing grids on the market, with updates in Windows Forms that include AutoEditMode and Collapsible Columns, and a Spreadsheet that gives you full Excel editing and formatting for a pixel-perfect Office experience. We’ve built out our WPF controls as well, to include Collapsible Columns and Column Grouping, a highly-requested feature.

Fastests Grids

Eye-Popping Charts

When you need charting tools that can take on thousands of data points with lightning-fast speed, trust Infragistics Ultimate 16.1. In this release we’re introducing new QR and 128 barcodes in Windows Forms, along with pie and doughnut charts, and a new XAML 3D surface chart, too, all with real-time performance, rich interactivity, and intuitive features.

  • Pie and Doughnut Chart Controls

  • QR and Barcode Controls

  • 3D Surface Chart Control


Webinar: Accelerate Your App Design & Development with Infragistics Ultimate 16.1

Join SVP of Developer Tools Jason Beres as he walks you through the newest updates to Infragistics Ultimate 16.1.

Learn how to create Modern Web apps with ease, get from Design to Development faster with prototyping, take an in-depth look at the future of Mobile App Development, explore the most agile, high-performing Grids on the market, and prepare for the Data Visualization revolution with real-time performance, rich interactivity, and intuitive features in our developer tools!

How to Videos to Jump Start Your Development

These videos are packed with everything you need to get your app up and running as well as some useful tips to expand your app.

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