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Silverlight Data Chart

Render Silverlight charts with millions of data points that are capable of millisecond updates, sparing nothing to achieve blazing speed. Enable heavy-duty data visualization and analysis on large volumes of data with high performance. 

Over 50 Chart Types

Category Series (Line, Spline, Column, Area, Spline Area, Step Line, Step Area, Range Area, Range Column, Waterfall, and new Point Series)
Polar Series (Polar Line, Polar Area, Polar Scatter, Polar Spline, Polar Spline Area)
Radial Series (Radial Column, Radial Pie, Radial Area, Radial Line)
Scatter Series (Scatter, High Density Scatter, Scatter Line, Scatter Spline, Bubble)
Financial Price Series with Candlestick, OHLC Bar modes, and many financial indicators (e.g. EMA, MFI, SMATP, MACD)

Silverlight Data Chart

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High Density Scatter Series

Bind and show scatter data ranging from thousands to millions of data points without sacrificing performance. You can change the series resolution in order to adjust the performance level of rendering when dealing with massive amounts of data points in the chart.

 SilverLight Data Chart High Density Scatter

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Hover Interactions

You can activate a number of interactions when you hover over chart data series using the mouse or touch gestures. These hover interactions can display crosshairs or bar/column highlights that can snap to actual data points. You can also attach tooltips to these hover interactions and lock them on crosshairs or to axes.

SilverLight Data Chart Hover Interactions

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Real Time Charting with Millions of Data Points

This real time chart can display millions of data points, and update itself every few milliseconds so that it can handle your real-time feeds.

Real Time Charting Key Features

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Modular Design

The Silverlight data chart control is designed for modularity of axes and chart series. Multiple axes and multiple chart series are supported.

Modular Design Key Features

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Financial Charting

Financial charting scenarios with support for both Candlestick and OHLC bar charts, and many built-in technical indicators like Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, Money Flow Index, MACD, Wilder's RSI and many more are supported.

SL LOB financial Charting key features

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Trend Lines

Support for multiple types, including linear (x), quadratic (x2), cubic (x3), quartic (x4), quintic (x5), logarithmic (logn x), exponential (ex), and power law (axk + o(xk)) trend lines.

Different trend lines can be applied to your charts to help users analyze data.

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Interactive Panning and Zooming

Use the keyboard, zoombar, mousewheel, or drag-select any rectangular region with the mouse to zoom in to get a close-up look at data points because when you can show millions of data points, the individual points lose their identity when completely zoomed out.

Panning Zooming Key Features

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Scientific Charts

Polar series give insight to scientific data.

Scientific Key Features

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