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Silverlight Grid

No Silverlight Grid control is faster than xamGrid™ when performing common business usage scenarios. It’s an editable, hierarchical data grid control designed for high performance and 100's of 1000's of rows!  

Custom Filter Dialog

Enable end users to drill down to exactly what they need using complex filters on data within a column.

Silverlight Grid

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DateTime Column

Users can type or choose from a calendar view a valid date and time.

Date and Time Data Validations with the Silverlight data grid.

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Implicit Data Templates

Apply different visual representation of data types in cells using Implicit Data Templates .

Apply different visual representation of data types in cells using the Silverlight data grid.

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MultiColumnComboEditor Column

Users can edit the cell value of the Grid control by selecting a value from a pre-populated drop-down list of items.

Display more information for each data item using multiple grid-like columns in the Silverlight data grid.

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Sparkline Column

Display a sparkline chart inside a grid cell.

Display a sparkline chart inside a cell within the Silverlight data grid

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Hierarchical Silverlight Data Grid

Display complex business data with master/detail data relationships and different column layouts at each level.

Silverlight hierarchical data grid displays complex business data at multiple levels.

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High Performance

Data and UI virtualization make this Silverlight grid control lightweight and fast when handling large amounts of data.

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An Excel-Style User Experience

Fixing columns in place, resizing and auto-sizing columns, grouping rows, a dropdown filtering menu from column headers and conditional formatting on cells to help users visualize values deliver an Excel-style user experience.

Help users visualize their data with an excel-style user experience with the Silverlight grid control.

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Completely Editable

The Silverlight data grid is ideal for data entry applications with its inline editing ability, add new row, and events for the create, read, update and delete operations.

The Silverlight grid control provides users the ability to do inline data editing.

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Row Summaries

Users can select calculations from a dropdown on each column to have them applied to all rows, and you can add your own custom calculations.

Add custom calculations to all data rows with the Silverlight data grid control.

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Sorting & Grouping

Sort by single or multiple data columns, and group columns in the same way you would in Microsoft Outlook.

Sort and group information similar to Microsoft Outlook with the Silverlight grid sorting and grouping feature.

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Clipboard Support

Copy data from Grid, and paste it into another Grid or even a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.

Copy data from one grid to another using the Silverlight grid clipboard support feature.

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Supports paging for better handling of a large number of records.

Utilize the Silverlight grid pagination feature to view a large number of records.

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Filter Menu

Allows your end users to filter the data that is contained within the grid. Using this feature, your end users can view a subset of data in a more manageable way which helps them locate their required data.

View a subset of data within a table by using the Silverlight grid filtering feature.

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