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Silverlight Context Menu

Popup context-sensitive, cascading menus pertinent to your application from anywhere within Silverlight with complete control over its placement, positioning and appearance.

Cascading Menus

xamContextMenu can show cascading menus that are declared at design-time, programmed dynamically or the result of binding to hierarchical data.  

Silverlight Context Menu

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Configurable Trigger

Context Menu can be launched by a choice of a left mouse click, a right mouse click, or a command routed by the Infragistics Commanding Framework.  

The Silverlight context menu can be triggered from a left or right mouse click. 

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Custom Placement

xamContextMenu can be set to pop-up at a specified location, along any edge, or with a given offset. 

The Silverlight context menu can pop-up at specific locations.  

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xamContextMenu lets you add checkboxes to menu items so users can toggle menu items on/off.

Toggle menu items on and off with the Silverlight context menu checkbox feature.

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xamContextMenu items can be accompanied by an illustrative icon that represents its purpose.  

Indicate meaning besides any menu with Silverlight context menu icons. 

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