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Silverlight Data Tree

This databound tree is built for blazing speed even while it comfortably handles tens of thousands of tree nodes to any depth and with multiple kinds of child nodes through its flexible node templates.

Infinite Depth

Provides a flexible node layout architecture that lets you nest tree nodes to any arbitrary depth, and even include multiple kinds of child tree nodes. 

Silverlight Data Tree

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Drag and Drop

Allows you to easily set-up drag and drop of tree nodes for your Silverlight application's end users. 

Drag and drop nodes easily with the Silverlight data tree drag and drop feature. 

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Node Editing

Allows end user editing of tree nodes, exposing a data template which you can configure for the editor you want to employ. 

End users can edit any tree node using the Silverlight data tree node editing feature.

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Multiple Selection

Supports checkbox nodes, which allow your Silverlight application's end users to select one or more tree nodes across levels. 

End users can select one or more tree nodes across differen levels using the Silverlight data tree multiple selection feature. 

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UI Virtualization

Supports virtualizing of its tree nodes so they only consume your system's resources when necessary to display for the end user.

Display tens of thousands of tree nodes with lightning-fast responsiveness.

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