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Silverlight Ribbon

Set sights on this Silverlight Office® 2010 and Windows® 7-style scenic ribbon. Its many styling points and warm highlights ensure that your users’ every touchpoint with your user interface is an enjoyable experience.

Ribbon Customization Dialog

Display exactly what you need on your ribbon.

Silverlight Ribbon

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Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon

Allows for an exact recreation of the Windows 7 Scenic Ribbon with the Aero Theme.

Recreate the Windows 7 scenic ribbon with the Aero theme.

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Application Menu 2010

Place application task-centered functions into your application menu with an innovative "Backstage" view similar to the file menu in Office 2010.

Use the Silverlight ribbon "backstage" view to add specific functions to your application.

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Tabs and Groups

Tabs categorize a ribbon of related features, while groups organize related functions collectively together within expandable layout panels of the ribbon window.

Utilize the Silverlight ribbon tabs and groups feature to further organize your applications functions.

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Help users choose from related options by exposing them with pictoral thumbnails in a scrollable gallery.

Use the Silverlight ribbon gallery to scroll through a list of pictured options that help users make a decision.

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Quick Access Toolbar

Display commonly used tools in a compact, quick access toolbar (QAT) that users can add/remove tools from.

Users can use the quick access toolbar to access the more commonly used functions easily.

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Application Menu

Compact and convenient, the application menu can be tucked out of view until users need it and then it's easy to access.

The Silverlight ribbon application menu allows users to "hide" a menu out of view.

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Contextual Tabs

Contextual tabs can display a caption above the ribbon window to highlight functions to the user for a context-sensitive task.

Users can see a caption above the ribbon to provide further context to what is contained within those tabs.

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