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Create Stunning Apps For Any Platform.

Create stunning apps for any platform.

Infragistics Ultimate makes it easy to build stunning apps with incredible performance. Start showing your customers beautiful, interactive prototypes right from the beginning. Take those prototypes forward and integrate amazing controls including animated data visualization to take your app to the next level. With all of the functionality for building Web, Windows and mobile apps included, you have all you need and with built in wizards, templates and step-by-step videos we’ll ensure that building your first app is simple.  We have tested and tuned against the industry and in millions of real world applications including mission critical Fortune 500 apps to make sure your apps are fast.

Design Stunning Apps

Ultimate Indigo Studio 2

Prototyping for Your Web, Desktop, and Mobile Apps with Indigo Studio - the fastest User Interface prototyping and interaction design tool - helps you quickly explore and create animated prototypes of your apps. With Indigo Studio you can create prototypes for your desktop, web, and mobile apps. And the automatic code-generator gives you a kick-start for your applications.

Amazing Data Visualizations

Create amazing dashboards for your customers with over 50 types of charts for any line of business or financial scenarios.  Drill-down, zoom-into and even animate your data over time to deliver rich, immersive experiences. Take advantage of incredible geospatial mapping functionality to connect your application with a world view, including multi-layer support and custom data layers with break-neck performance.

ASP Net Cross Devise 1
Professional Designer in the Box

Reuse existing pre-built sample applications designed by industry experts to ensure that your application is well designed and looks great. 

Easy to Get Started

Ultimate Windows Forms Auto Parts App
All the Tools You Need.

With Ultimate, you have all the tools for building Windows apps (Windows Forms, WPF and Windows 8), Web apps (ASP.NET, HTML 5 & JQuery, Silverlight) and mobile apps (native and web).

Your Developer Coach. Included.

Built into our products are a complete collection of application and control wizards to help you quickly get up and running. And with our reusable sample applications and our step-by-step video series, we'll make sure you’ll get going fast.

Multi-Platform? No problem.

The Infragistics approach to our user interface controls is to create consistency across our supported platforms. So if you’re familiar with our Windows Forms controls, it’ll be easy to use our ASP.NET web controls.

Easy For You. Easy For Your Customers.

With built-in integration with Microsoft Office, it’s simple to build applications that work with Microsoft Word and Excel to ensure that your apps are easy for your customers to use too.

Ultimate Windows Forms Ribbon

Turbo-Charged Performance

Fortune 500 Tested.

With mission critical applications at some of the biggest companies in the world including Boeing, ESPN, Exxon, Morgan Stanley, INTEL, Intuit and Bank of America, you are in good company.

Ultimate Customers 7 900X35jpg
Performance Tuned Controls, Industry Benchmarked.

Across all platforms, Infragistics is the #1 when it comes to performance.  From the time it takes to render the first row of data on the screen in a grid, to the performance of scrolling, paging & sorting, our grids are optimized to handle the most demanding real-time and high-volume scenarios.  Equally as powerful is our charting engine, which can plot millions of data points on a screen in mere milliseconds.  To learn more about how we care about the performance of your apps, check out our performance whitepaper.

Application Samples

  • Silverlight Finance Reference App

    Finance Stock Dashboard with XAML

  • Ignite UI Auto Sales Reference App

    Auto Sales with HTML 5

  • IN Tune Windows Forms

    INTune with Windows Forms

  • World Stats with Silverlight

    World Stats with Silverlight

  • Properties with ASP.NET

    Properties with ASP.NET

  • Population Explosion with Silverlight

    Population Explosion with Silverlight

  • Auto Sales for WPF

    Auto Sales for WPF

  • Earthquake Watch for WPF

    EarthQuake Watcher for WPF

  • Airline Seating for WPF

    Airline Seating Chart for WPF

  • Finance with Ignite UI

    Finance with Ignite UI

  • ER Dashboard with Ignite UI

    ER Dashboard Ignite UI

  • Auto Sales with Windows Forms

    INGear with Windows Forms

  • Hospital Floor Plan for Silverlight

    Hospital Floor Plan with Silverlight

  • Sales Reporting with Silverlight

    Sales Reporting with Silverlight

  • Avee Talent with Silverlight

    Avee Talent with Silverlight

Getting Started is a Snap

Take advantage of our YouTube channel where you can view a range of videos from introductory guides to advanced tutorials. Be sure to also have a look at our end-to-end sample applications that ship in the box so you can quickly get up to speed on your initial apps.

Testing. Built in.

Automated Testing.

Gain better coverage and a higher quality product through test automation. With our testing tools, you can reduce the need for and cost of manual testing with an automated testing process that requires fewer personnel. Using these tools, you can effectively institute data-driven testing of the apps you build with our Windows Forms controls. Whether you are using HP’s Quick Test Professional for Windows Forms or IBM’s Rational Functional Tester for Windows Forms or HP’s Quick Test Professional for WPF or event CodedUI for Microsoft Test Manager you can lean on our testing tools to automate your testing.

Customer Support

We’re Here For You.

Technical support is important. Especially when you get stuck. And we offer the very best support on the market — and it starts when you download the trial. We provide you with BOTH case-level and forum based support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Consulting Services

Sometimes you need experts to help you get your project finished. With D3 services from Infragistics you have industry experts in design and development. Whether you need help migrating your legacy application or need some coaching on the user interface for your next mobile app, we’ve got the experts to help your team build something amazing.

Training Services

You want to know what it takes to design experiences that propel your product to the next level? You want to learn and apply best practices in UX design? Let our UX experts show you how to do it. Or maybe you need to tackle new platforms and powerful controls by learning from the people that develop applications across industries. We have the expertise in Infragistics controls on every platform, and can bring your team up to speed so they can ensure quick success.

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