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Windows Phone Tile Manager (CTP)

The Tile Manager displays content on the phone display using rectangular tiles, which are arranged sequentially creating multiple rows of tiles. The mobile user can maximize a tile, which automatically minimized the remaining tiles. However, the minimized tiles will remain in view along an edge of the control, so your end users can quickly maximize and shift their attention to new content.

 Windows Phone XAM Tilemanager 


The Tile Manager has built-in animations that play during state transition. You can supply your own animations to customize this experience.

Data Binding

You can set the Tile Manager's ItemsSource property to automatically create Tile objects based on your data model.


Your end users can drag tiles and rearrange them at run time using touch gestures.

Explicit Tile Layout

You can arrange tiles into explicit columns and rows using concepts already found in the Grid panel (Column, Row, ColumnSpan, and RowSpan).

Saving and Loading Layouts

After your end users modify the layout at run time, you can save the changes and restore them between application sessions.

State-Based Item Templates

You can define item templates based on the state of the tiles. The Tile Manager will automatically apply the proper item template as your end users change the state of a tile.

State-Based Constraints

You can restrict the size of tiles based on their state.

Tile Resizing

Your end users can resize tiles using resizing indicators.