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Xamarin.Forms Pie Chart

Use tap gestures to drill down to view underlying data or to explode out a section of the pie, and get information via tooltips with our Pie Chart control. Create simple or exploded pie charts, with a customizable threshold for inclusion in an "Others" category, and text labels and images that can be displayed within or outside of the pie in a manner that avoids overlapping.

Data Binding

Bind simple list of data items or hierarchical data with view models

Label Appearance

Label each and every pie slice with full set of options for customizing appearance of labels as well as their position and formatting.

Slice Interaction

Create highly interactive Pie Charts with options to explode out single or multiple pie slices in order to highlight important data items or to drill down and explore your hierarchical data.

Slice Appearance

Customize position and visual appearance of all pie slices or change visuals of individual slices when they are selected by a user.

Others Category

Others Category – Group multiple pie slices that represent small data items or fall below specified threshold value into one pie slice to distinguish them from more important data items.