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Case Study: Keysight Technologies

When the world’s leading electronic measurement company needed to improve the usability of one of their products, they trusted Infragistics to make the simple yet drastic changes necessary for success.

I would recommend Infragistics because the process was very smooth. The quality of work was fantastic. The time and the budget and everything was perfect."
Geoff Anderson,
Marketing Manager, Keysight Technologies

The Challenge

When Geoff Anderson, the Marketing Manager of Keysight Technologies, took over the redesign of the software application that controls their line of Atomic Force Microscopy products, one of his primary goals was to make the product more accessible to less experienced users. The key to this was doing something drastically different with the user interface.

The goal of the hardware electronics work that the company had been doing over the previous five years had focused on removing the need for intensive training of users and incorporating that “expertise” directly into the system. The end goal was create a system that enabled non-expert users to achieve successful measurements from the start. The principle challenge lay in a large team of software developers who didn’t necessarily think outside help was a good thing.

However, as soon as the team saw the first wire-frames and the first pixel perfect mock-ups, their attitude changed completely. They realized that Infragistics’ design process had brought a new way of thinking to the table and introduced ideas that they never would have had on their own.

The Solution

In addition to the UX redesign, Keysight also wanted an interface design that visually distinguished them in the marketplace. Infragistics came up with solutions to meet these needs via several days of intense contextual inquiry, competitive analyses, internal and external design reviews and user testing sessions conducted at various stages in the project. As a result, the finished product was shown to meet the needs of three distinct user populations as well as the marketing and sales teams.

The Client's Benefit

Keysight received an innovative, useful and cutting edge design that met their key objects of eliminating training needs from 0% first-time usability to 100%, simplifying and improving existing workflows, and creating a design language that was both visually distinctive and central to the application’s design. Additionally, Keysight now understands how valuable Infragistics’ design process can be when applied to very complex software applications and has guidelines on how to extend their application into the future.

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