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What's new in 14.2!

Build your application right from the start with Rapid prototyping, ui controls, and the support you need to develop the ultimate experience

Download 14.2 - the ULTIMATE Developer toolkit 

Fast and Functional

With Infragistics’ 14.2 release, you get it all: performance, great user experience, and market-leading grids and charts for every platform that allow you to successfully build apps with speed and scalability.

    • Wpf Propertygrid
    • Jquery Excel Library
    • Windowsforms Datachart

Great User Experience by default

With this release, we put ease-of-use at the top of the list. Our goal is to make every experience with our components frustration-free and intuitive, for both the developers using them and the end users that interact with the finished product.

    • Xam Spreadsheet
    • Html5 (1)

Close Attention to Detail

Say goodbye to styling-induced frustration and experience the simplicity of applying themes to your apps with our WPF ThemeManager. This new component allows you to change the theme of everything from a single control to your entire application with just a single line of code. Easily and quickly swap the theme of all of your Infragistics controls as well as the common Microsoft controls we support, either with common Microsoft themes or your own custom-designed ones.

    • Jquery Bootstrap Theming
    • Indigostudio
    • Wpf Theme Manager (1)

This is just a sample of what’s new. Take a closer look at the full list of new features in these detailed blog posts: