Product Release - What's New in Infragistics Ultimate 22.1

Jason Beres [Infragistics] / Wednesday, June 15, 2022

With today's launch, we are very excited to get Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 into your hands. New features and UI controls, more capabilities, better design and development processes, fast, streamlined, and interactive data visualization experience. It’s all included.

Ultimate 22.1 builds on three key themes:

  • Improved design-to-code features and capabilities in App Builder – Swagger UI Support, Localhost data access, business Charts, 15 Screen Layouts, brand new UI kits in the Design System and more.
  • Updated UI kits and new controls in Angular, Blazor, React, and Web Components, new themes, plus Angular Pivot Grid and Blazor DockManager.
  • Enhanced UX features across all data visualization controls, with new defaults, updated themes, and new & exciting interactions.

Let’s look at each update in more detail.

RAD Design & Development with App Builder

Innovation continues with new features and capabilities in App Builder to accelerate your development time up to 80%. Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 includes new data features, new controls in the toolbox, updated code-generation features for Blazor and Angular, new App Templates & Layouts, and more. Here's the list of key features that you'll love!

  • Data Access – With updated OpenAPI / Swagger Support - Easily connect your Swagger definitions for Web APIs or Entity Framework models to App Builder, with live access to your real data (localhost, on-prem or cloud-hosted) or auto-generated mock data based on your schemas in your app design. This live data access support builds on the OData & JSON data binding features shipped earlier this year, giving you complete flexibility to connect to real data during your app building process.
  • Chart Support - Data Visualization is key for every business app, and App Builder won't disappoint with rich support for charts like Pie, Area, Bar, Column, Line, Point, Step Area, Step Line, Spline, Spline Area, and Waterfall. With Chart you get beautiful styles and interactions, backed by a rich API that delivers the best data & analytics visualizations for Angular, Blazor and more.
  • App Templates & Screen Layouts - Choose from 12 App Templates or 15 Screen Layouts to kick-start your app design. Most developers neither have a design team, nor love CSS and web layout. With App Builder you can choose from the most common templates and layouts to build responsive pages in a single click. No coding required.
  • Design System Updates - The Indigo.Design System, the backbone of App Builder, adds to the Material UI Kit with brand new UI Kits for Bootstrap, Fluent and Indigo. This gives design teams the ability to target any popular design system, customizable to your themes, screen parts and UI patterns that seamlessly handoff to App Builder for pixel-perfect apps and code generation for Angular or Blazor. With the new UI Kits, we have also improved how colors are parsed and translated to new Themes in the WYSIWYG drag-and-drop app maker.
  • New Controls, Updated Code Generation - We continue to add new controls to the App Builder Toolbox. This release ships Dropdown, Chip, Slider, SnackBar, along with updated code generation for Navigation Drawer, Navigation Bar, Card, and more.  There is also an updated code generation in Blazor, with improved support for Click interactions for Open/Close and Show/Hide events and additional support for repeating Data Bound controls.
  • App Builder On-Prem - If your company hasn't approved the use of cloud-based SaaS solutions or you have sensitive design work that can't go beyond your firewall, the App Builder On-Prem is for you. A one-of-a-kind product, App Builder On-Prem includes a containerized version of the Infragistics’ low-code app maker, that you can securely deploy to your local network, ensuring your data and designs are safe from any outside influence. A unique offering, App Builder On-Prem gives you all the features and benefits of the cloud version of the App Builder software.

Low Code App Builder with Charts

Best of Breed UI Controls for Every Web Framework

We continue our goal of 100% parity in UI controls & components across the most popular web frameworks - Angular, React, Blazor & Web Components.  With Infragistics Ultimate 22.1, you get 15+ new controls in React, new controls in both the Web Components and Blazor products, and big-ticket items like the newest Angular Pivot Grid, Blazor DockManager, more themes in both Light and Dark for Material, Bootstrap, Fluent and Indigo. Here's what you'll get in the 22.1 release:

  • React - React is getting the same treatment that our Web Components shipped within 21.2 - more than a dozen new controls and plenty of valuable features. New controls include Avatar, Badge, Button, Icon, Calendar, Card, Checkbox, Form, Icon, List, Input, Navigation, Bar, Navigation, Drawer, Radio, Radio Group, Ripple, Switch, and a brand-new Pager option in the Data Grid.
  • Angular - Late last year we shipped Angular 13 support, followed by Angular 13.1 support in February 2022 and now Angular 14 support with 22.1. Starting with the new Angular Pivot Grid, you can sort, group, filter and summarize massive amounts of data with a simple, Microsoft Excel-like drag & drop UI. Add to that the new Excel Style Filter in the Tree Grid, Custom Summaries across all Grids, improved Right-to-Left support across controls, and Hierarchical Filtering across all grids in the Excel-Style Filter UI, we continue to push the limits in what you can do with Angular Grid, Hierarchical Grid, Tree Grid, and Pivot Grid in Angular.
  • Web Components - The foundation of our cross-framework strategy for control parity on every major web UI framework, Web Components get new controls, new features, and updated theme support. New controls include Chip, Dialog, Dropdown, Masked Input, Progress Bar - Circular, Progress Bar - Linear, Rating, Range Slider, Slider, SnackBar, Toast, Toggle, and Tree. Included is a full theme support for Light and Dark for Material, Bootstrap, Fluent and Indigo, and the new Pager in the Data Grid.
  • Blazor - With a massive .NET audience and the release of .NET 6, Blazor is quickly maturing to be the go-to single-page application framework for C# developers. Now we have added more Grid features with the new Pager and also mirrored the Web Components release with 13 new controls. This means you benefit from Chip, Dialog, Dropdown, Mased Input, Progress Bar - Circular, Progress Bar - Linear, Rating, Range Slider, Slider, SnackBar, Toast, Toggle, and Tree. All with full theme support for Light and Dark for Material, Bootstrap, Fluent and Indigo. Even better, Blazor Code Generation is official with this release in the App Builder. So, C# & .NET developers can take full advantage of building beautiful applications for the web with a simple drag & drop UI, saving up to 80% of development time.

Angular Pivot Grid

Simple & Beautiful Data Visualizations

Business Intelligence & Analytics is a huge market with exponential growth in the last handful of years. That’s why having a data visualization toolset that meets the demands of high-volume, real-time data loads, with a beautiful, interactive experience is critical. With Infragistics Charts, you get the best of both worlds - zero compromise on performance and zero compromise on user experience. With this release, we've improved defaults, and added much asked-for features across the Data Chart and the Category Chart. Note that the Category Chart is a subset of the Data Chart, which includes over 65 Series Types and Series Combinations.

  • Default Chart UX - We continue to tweak the default look and feel for the Category Chart, which includes the 9 most common chart types - Column, Line, Point, Spline, Spline Area, Step Area, Step Line, Waterfall. The Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 release includes improved defaults for Font and Color Palettes, Label Spacing on Margins, Spline Render Area, Rounded Corners on Callout Layers and Tooltips, and Scaling on End Axis values.
  • Chart Features - New features that you can turn on or off, or let your users decide, include Auto-Label Rotation, Enhanced Margin Computation, Properties for Label Gaps, Positioning in Callout Layers, Style Events, New Highlighting Series Modes, Horizontal & Vertical Scrollbars, Margin Angle Modes and more.
  • Data Tooltips & Legend - Along with new default styling for Tooltips in the Charts, we have added a new Data Tooltip type. With Data Tooltips & Legend, you can enhance tooltips with summaries, like Min, Max, Avg, Sum, etc. while including the same data in the Legend. At the same time, the new Legend will automatically update data values based on mouse-tracking in the chart.

Wrap Up!

As you can see, there are tons of new features and updates with the Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 release that will significantly improve, streamline, and modernize the way you build beauty and simplicity one app at a time.

We have details for each piece of this release, check them out here:

To experience everything, go to your customer portal to get the latest version. As usual, we need to hear what you have to say, so please shoot me an email at and let me know how we can help you to continue to deliver value to your customers with Infragistics.

Happy Coding!