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Jason Beres

Jason Beres
About /

My name is Jason Beres and I am the Sr. VP responsible for the Developer Tools Division at Infragistics.  My goal is to make sure that we bring innovative and customer-driven user experiences to our developer, testing and user experience tools & products. 

A few more things about me:

  • I have been at Infragistics since 2003, I was hired as a Senior Technical Evangelist, and from there I went on to Chief Technical Evangelist then to my current role where I manage the Product Management team, Evangelism team, Interaction Design team and Product Guidance team.  Along the way I started our training & consulting services here at Infragistics in early 2006, which has now really taken off in the company and includes our exciting User Experience Group which does all of the UCD and HCI training and consulting.
  • I am on the INETA Speakers Bureau, and was on the INETA Board of Directors for almost 5 years in various roles. 
  • I was hired while at an event for INETA in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I met Dean Guida, our CEO and my boss.
  • I have been a Microsoft MVP since 2003
  • I have written 7 books, the latest on Silverlight 4 published for Wrox Press
  • I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and lived in Boca Raton, Florida for about 10 years before moving to the Princeton, New Jersey area where Infragistics is headquartered
  • I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan, my Dad had season tickets from the Dead Wings era, so I suffered through the pain and now am enjoying a decade or so of good fortune!
  • I download anything tagged “CTP” or “Preview” and immediately install to check it out
  • I love coming to work every day to work with the great team we have here at Infragistics to bring awesome software to market.

You can contact me at

Location /

Cranbury, NJ