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ASP.NET Data Menu

Turn sitemaps into user experiences with full-featured, menu layouts within the Web browser. Includes classic features like cascading submenus, keyboard navigation, and vertical orientation, and more advanced features like deep data binding support and interactivity.

Multiple Orientations

The orientation of top-level and sub-level menus can be customized.

ASP.NET Data Menu

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Data Binding

You can create a sitemap using the menu control.  The WebDataMenu can also bind to WebHierarchicalDataSource™.

Bind the data menu to hierarchical data drawn from other ASP.NET data source controls.

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Auto Positioning

If there isn't enough space to open a sub-menu in one direction, it will be opened where there is free space.

Sub-menus are automatically positioned where there is enough space to display the items.

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Smart Scrolling

If there isn't enough free space to display a sub-menu, then scroll buttons appear so the user can reach those out-of-sight menu items.

Aspnet Menu Smart Scrolling Key Features Image

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Animated Expand and Collapse

As submenus expand and collapse you can control their animation to give the menu its own feel.

Aspnet Menu Animated Key Features Image

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Context Menus

Add context (or pop-up) menus to your Web application. It's easy to do with the WebDataMenu.

Aspnet Menu Context Menus Key Features Image

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