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ASP.NET Excel Exporter

Go from Web data grid to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet in one click with this convenient exporter control that lets you export row data, headers and summaries to .XLS and .XLSX file formats.

100% Managed

Based on the Infragistics.Excel compiled assembly, Infragistics' implementation of the XLS/XLSX file format runs in partial-trust environments. 

ASP.NET Excel Exporter

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High Fidelity

Obtain a high-fidelity rendition of the WebDataGrid or WebHierarchicalDataGrid™ in your own Excel workbooks.

The exported grid looks the same in the Excel worksheet. 

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Easy to Use

Export from any event handler. Grid data can be exported in one call to the Export method. 

Export data in one method call.


Excel Templates

Support for writing Excel 2007 Template files (XLTX), Macro-enabled Template files (XLTM) and Excel 97-2003 Template files (XLT). 

Write Excel template files. 

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