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ASP.NET Dialog Window

Designed to replicate the functionality of a standard Windows Forms dialog box, the ASP.NET AJAX dialog window control allows you to popup both modal and non-modal dialogs in-browser that show all common dialog behaviors.

Modal or Modeless

The WebDialogWindow allows you to set whether the dialog behaves as a modal or modeless (non-modal) dialog would allowing you to better control the flow of your application. 

ASP.NET Dialog Window

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Customizable Header

The WebDialogWindow displays a customizable header area into which you can place caption text, several buttons including such stand-by's as the close, minimize and maximize buttons seen in desktop applications.


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Just like a resizable dialog on the desktop, you can enable your end user to resize the WebDialogWindow at run-time. 

Enable the dialog window property settings to give users control in resizing the window.


Window State

WebDialogWindow persists whether the user has minimized, restored or maximized its appearance. 


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