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ASP.NET Splitter

Divide and conquer your user’s browser window and give them the ultimate control over the layout of their workspace with this ASP.NET AJAX splitter control that lets you subdivide, resize, and even collapse content panes.

Resizable Panes

The panes are automatically resizeable and you can further customize the quick expand/collapse button which makes the user able to change the layout if needed.

ASP.NET Splitter

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Layout Options

The contents within the splitter could be plain HTML templates, or you can link an entire page within the content area. With its multiple orientation support, the layout options are endless.

Place any content inside your content pane templates. 

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Multiple Sections

Split page contents into multiple sections using the web splitter controls for managing your page content and maintainability of your UI sections.

Split content into multiple sections.

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No Framesets

The WebSplitter also eliminates the need for legacy html frameset elements, which are no longer supported in modern browsers. 

No more legacy html framesets required. 

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