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ASP.NET Video Player

Add online streaming video playback with an HTML 5 video tag in many different standard formats, and in any modern browser or device. Our jQuery video player control and accompanying wrapper for ASP.NET Web Forms lets your users interact with and control the online streaming of your video content.

Standards-based Streaming Video Playback

It uses the HTML5 video tag to play streaming video in major formats supported by the browser that can include H.264, WebM and Ogg Theora.

ASP.NET Video Player 

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Full Screen Mode

It lets end users play streaming video online in full screen, and toggle between full screen mode and standard video size on the page during video playback.

Toggle full screen mode. 

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Video Bookmarking

It lets you bookmark your video content to give end users an easy means of jumping to a bookmarked frame or a specific portion of your video content.

Tabs can be oriented either horizontally or vertically and can be positioned on any of the four sides of the content pane.  

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Control Bar

It has a playback control bar that you can auto-hide when you need to maximize the display area for video playback. It features standard controls like play, pause, mute, volume control, display in full screen and a video slider.

Use the playback control bar to access common commands.  

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