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ASP.NET Slider

Add the familiar UX pattern of a sliding track bar with highly-configurable behavior. This slider can server as either a single value editor, or a multi-value editor for setting one or more ranges.

Single Value Selection

A slider clearly defines the legal range of input and allows selection of a single value from that range.

ASP.NET Slider

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Range Selection

You can set the slider to display two handles which enables users to enter two values specifying a range.

Display two handles which allows users to enter two values specifying a range. 

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Different Orientations

Set it to horizontal or vertical orientation for your application needs.

The slider can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

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Editor Provider

It can be used as an editor provider for the WebDataGrid or WebHierarchicalDataGrid controls.

ASP.NET Slider Editor Provider Key Features Image2 

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