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ASP.NET Data Grid

Put data tables at your users’ fingertips with the high performance, scalable ASP.NET AJAX data grid. Rapidly display and edit flat, tabular information with rich features to sort, move, filter and template your data. The control features Touch friendly styling and support for flicking and multi-touch gestures on mobile devices.

Filtering - Excel Style

Excel-style Filtering extends the filtering capabilities of the grid and gives you the ability to file by unique values and set up custom filters for columns.

ASP.NET Data Grid

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Multi-Column Footers

Use Multi-Column Footers to customize the footer area and display labels. This feature is a perfect complement to the column summary feature of the Grid.

Webdatagrid Multi Footer

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Multi-Column Headers with Column Fixing

When you need flexibility to showcase your information, two features are better than one. We've combined the Multi-Column Headers with Column Fixing, so you can create multi-level headers, while moving, fixing and resizing columns on the left or right.

Webdatagrid Multi Header Fixed Columns

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Batch Updating

Retain user updates within the grid’s temporary storage on the client-side until the user is ready to commit it to the data store. This will make applications that have heavy data entry scenarios with the grid less chatty with the server, letting you run all your business, data, and other input validations in one request against the user data.

Data Grid Batch Updating Key Features Image

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Sorting Cell Merging

Our first RTM of the Cell Merging feature, we're including all the functionality you need for the best cell merging experience on the web. This sample demonstrates the cell merging capabilities you have when sorting data.

Webdatagrid Merged Cells 

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Pay to Play

Grid configures automatically for the optimal performance per instance. WebDataGrid only sends the JavaScript & HTML required for the features you enable on it, meaning no unnecessary JavaScript & HTML files are sent to the web browser.

When you want rich, interactive web applications the ASP.NET pay-to-play chart model is the answer.

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Databind to any type of .NET collection and the grid can autogenerate its columns and rows by going through the datasource. Grid can also be bound to SQLDataSource, LinqDataSource, AccessDataSource, EntityDataSource, AccessDataSource controls as well.

Grids can autogenerate their columns/rows by going through its datasource.

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Feature Rich Grid

The grid supports the common spreadsheet operations including column moving, fixing, resizing, sorting, paging, filtering, keyboard navigation, editing, row summaries and more.

Webdatagrid Featurerichgrid

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Virtual Scrolling

Want more performance from your data display? Enable virtual scrolling, and only the data that can be displayed in the view port of the grid will be fetched from the server as the user scrolls, saving load time and increasing productivity.

Aspnet Grid Virtual Scrolling Key Features Image 1

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High Speed Data Entry

Enter data within the cell, using templates with custom editors that match the column's data type. This allows for adding new rows and deleting rows within the grid.  In addition, validations can be done realtime within the grid cell as the user is entering data within the grid.

Aspnet Grid High Speed Data Entry Key Features Image

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Export to Excel

Using the WebExcelExporter, grid data can be easily exported to an Excel file with one line of code.

Grid data can be easily exported to an Excel file with one line of code.

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Multi-Column Header

Create column groups in your WebDataGrids to customize the layout of the information that is being displayed.

Aspnet Web Data Grid Multi Column Header Key Features Image

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