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Download ASP.NET Controls as part of the ULTIMATE Developer toolkit 

ASP.NET - Hierarchical Data Grid

Show multiple parent-child and self-referencing relationships in an expandable, hierarchical data grid that stands as the backbone of your data-centric ASP.NET AJAX applications. Users can drill down as well as add, edit, delete, select, sort, group and filter rows using their mouse or keyboard.

Filtering - Excel Style 

Excel-style Filtering extends the filtering capabilities of the grid and gives you the ability to file by unique values and set up custom filters for columns.

ASP.NET Hierarchical Data Grid

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Multi-Column Footers

Use Multi-Column Footers to customize the footer area and display labels. This feature is a perfect complement to the column summary feature of the Grid.

Whdg Multi Footer

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Multi-Column Headers

Organize data columns within categories so your end users can read through data more easily. Simply create column groups in your WebHierarchicalDatGrid to customize the layout of your information.

Whdg Multi Header

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Cell Merging with Grouping

Our first RTM of the Cell Merging feature, we're including all the functionality you need for the best cell merging experience on the web. This sample demonstrates the cell merging capabilities you have when grouping data.

Whdg Merged Cells  

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Builds on the Successful Data Grid

Aspnet Hierarchical Data Grid Key Features Image

Based on the WebDataGrid, it inherits most of the features and capabilities like the pay to play model directly from it.

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Outlook®-style Group By

Users can interactively group (and un-group) rows together by a common value or condition by simply dragging and dropping the column header to the positionable group-by area with a completely customizable look and feel.

Aspnet Hierarchical Data Grid Outlook Like Group By Key Features Image

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Multiple Child Bands

Why stop at one parent-child data relationship, WebHierarchicalDataGrid allows you to have as many as you want related by a data key from one level to the next. You can even display self-referencing data.

Aspnet Hierarchical Data Grid Multiple Child Bands Key Features Image

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Work with Business Data

Single or multiple selection of data records that persists across pages, row filtering, sorting by column values, and column summaries allow your users to glean the greatest intelligence from the information your application presents.

Aspnet Hierarchical Data Grid Business Data Key Features Image

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Add, Edit and Delete

Rows can be deleted in a single keypress, or added through the UI.  Editors can be automatically detected to fit the column's data type.

Webhierarchicaldatagrid Addeditdelete

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