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Download ASP.NET Controls as part of Infragistics ULTIMATE

ASP.NET Image Button

Replace standard submit buttons with stylish buttons that sport rounded corners, rich appearances that appear uniform across browsers, and access key support.


The iButtonControl interface enables the button to be used as the default button on the page. You can set the validation group for it, and even the PostBackUrl property. 

ASP.NET Image Button  

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Rich Buttons

Allows text, image or both for designing of the button UI.

The iButtonControl interface allows the button to be used as the default button on the page.

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Built-in Presets

Built-in presets make the button look like different office styles, toolbox, popup menu and other well known button types.

Use built-in presets to mimic familiar button styles. 

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Customize the button by setting rounded corners, focus, hover, pressed, and default appearance settings. 

Customize the button appearance.

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