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ASP.NET Data Tree

Simplify the display of hierarchical data into a Web-based tree depicting familiar parent-child relationships between nodes of information. Sporting a responsive user experience and high performance design, your users will love its rich functionality like drag-and-drop, templating and more.

High Performance

Provides full load on demand capability for the best performance from an ASP.NET tree control.

ASP.NET Data Tree

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Drag and Drop

Let users move or copy tree nodes from tree to tree (even within the same tree) using intuitive mouse gestures with the support of drag target suggestions and client-side events.

Aspnet Tree Drag Drop Key Features Image

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Data Binding

Connect the data tree to your data source and have it auto-generate the tree's node structure for you, or you can populate it yourself.

Manually input your data tree nodes or have them automatically generated.

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Navigation and Selection

Users have several different ways to navigate through and select the tree's nodes, including by mouse and keyboard.

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Node Editing

Allow users to edit nodes in the tree structure.

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Fully customizable ASP.NET template support at the node-level, as well as during load on demand operations and for when the tree is empty.

Aspnet Tree Templating Key Features Image

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